Tuning bike: bright solutions

The first purpose of those who planned to tune your bike is to create a unique vehicle, not like their cousins. Craftsmen are seeking a variety of ways of giving the bike an individual look. In the course are constructive changes, use of bright murals on the frame and fenders, as well as hanging on the bike of accessories that increase its functionality.

The most popular way to make your bike attractive and unique look is the use of the backlight. It is best suited for this purpose led bulb. You can install them in the most unusual places. Today especially, it became fashionable to be equipped with LEDs of the wheel rim and dust caps. This gives the opportunity at night to provide illumination of the pavement.

Lighting on the bike is not only decorative, but also functional. Be equipped with LEDs can be a system shifter. In this case, even the night will be easy to understand which combination is displayed on the switch block.
If the bike is equipped with a speedometer, it is desirable to embed the led in the housing. Readings from the speedometer in the dark will be easier.

How to tune a bike

Update on the bike can be almost any part: wheel, wheels, brakes, shocks, fenders, frame. And yet most of the efforts of specialists in the field of modernization of the bikes spend on the installation of the hinged equipment and its improvement. Choosing the type of tuning, one should not blindly chase fashion. It is advisable to understand what improvements will fully reflect your style and style of riding.

The main emphasis of the master tuning is recommended to do not so much on the outside of modernization, how much on its functionality. One of the favorite objects for tuning – seat for cyclist. Skilled hands can make the standard seats a real masterpiece, which guarantees comfort during long rides. Elastic and flexible, vinyl or leather cover will help to provide comfort to the rider.

For those who love to make long Bicycle tours, it makes sense to equip the vehicle with a compact bag for useful supplies. It can be purchased in finished form, but much easier to make the bag with their hands to meet specific needs, taking into account the make and model of the bike.
Fashion accessory is considered to be among the Cycling a plastic bottle for water, which is securely fastened to the frame on a special bracket.

Owners of mountain bikes can be recommend to replace the standard pedals on contact, taking into account the type of shoes that you want to go. It also makes sense to change the usual spokes on a special. They are often made from high-alloy steel or titanium. Such tuning can certainly be quite expensive. So to start it is enough to strengthen new spokes rear rim that takes the brunt of the burden when driving on rough terrain.