Types of Bicycle brakes

Bike brakes are divided into two General types. Brakes with hand and foot drive. The first type includes rim brakes and disk.

They are called the rim, because the brake pads are located at the level of the wheel rim. When braking the pads put pressure on the rim, there is a friction and as a result, the Bicycle stops.

Disc brakes – brake mechanism by which the inhibition occurs due to disk, fitted on the wheel and pressing in on his pads. The pressure is generated due to compression. It creates a brake cylinder, which is in most cases on the wheel.

The second type is a drum brake. It is located in the hub of the rear wheel. When you stop the bike, brake the carriage becomes vraspor and presses on the drum. The braking mechanism is designed so that consumable items his are the only bearings.

Replacement rim brakes

Easier just to replace the rim brakes. To do this, loosen the cable clamp, weakening this "shoulder" brakes. Then proceed to screw fixing to remove the brake pads. Next remove the bolt that attaches the brake to the frame. After they were removed, go on to the brake lever. Completely Unscrew it from the cable and loosen the. The screw is often screwed on the bottom and has a cutout for cross screwdriver. To put new brakes, proceed back to the aforementioned algorithm.

Replacement disc brakes

Remove the disc brake should the brake cylinder. Loosen the cylinder and the handle. Remove them without loosening the brake hose. Then enjoy the pads. Loosen all the bolts fastening them to the frame, and remove the brake disc. You can then put a new one. If you do not wish to dispose of old brake and put it into fuel, by analysis of the components parts, be careful. Drain brake fluid into a prepared container. Completely eliminate its contact with the ground.

Replacement drum brake

The most complex mechanism have drum brakes. To replace them, it is necessary to remove the rear wheel. It's best to do when the bike is upside down. After it was removed the wheel, loosen the outer nut of the carriage. On the opposite side remove the snap ring to get the star. Remove the brake gently. Be careful not to damage bearings. Before you put new brakes, liberally lubricate the drum and brake mechanism. As lubricants are well suited "Litol".