Adjust rear speeds. Select the high speed at which the circuit will be on the smallest sprocket. Forward rate put over a medium star. Switch your bike should be two screws marked L and H. Scroll down the High screw (H) so that the roller switch stood up on 1 line with the least star. Select a slower speed, that is the largest rear sprocket. Twist the screw also as long as the roller are aligned in with a big star, but now marked with Low (L).
Pull the cable after performing the previous step. Remember that on the rear switch must be the maximum speed. Make sure that the cable is stable lies in the groove at the locking bolt. Tighten the bolts. Good pull on the rope. If in this case the chain will fall on the smaller sprocket, loosen it with a special regulator, which is located at the end of the shirt rope. If it is not very clearly gets on big stars, tighten the cable by loosening the Adjuster. For more fine-tuning, use the slider in the direction of motion.
Put the chain on the little star on the front, and the rear – most. Make a few turns of the pedals back. While scrolling the tensioning screw until the top roller of the rear derailleur was as close to the sprocket, but not touching her. All this will make the gear shift smooth most. Check the maximum speed. Make sure that in a given position, the roller is not in contact with star magazine.
Set up now and the front speed. Loosen the cable and the screws on the speed switch. Make sure that the frame was parallel to the sprockets and was at a distance of 3 mm from the greatest stars. Leave a minimum rate. Loosen the tether and spin the screw labeled L (Low) as long as between the frame and the chain will not be a gap of 1 mm. Fasten with screw the cable into the groove, creating decent tension. Repeat the same operation with the screw marked H (High). Make a fine adjustment knob on the lever.