Advice 1: Where to find the hobo monolith in Stalker Call of Pripyat

In the computer game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat", the player is not just to interact with the same characters, which, depending on the plot of the game, periodically appear and disappear. Multiple searches of some of the characters are pretty tedious.
Where to find the hobo monolith in Stalker Call of Pripyat
Once you have a goal to create a group for a hike to Pripyat, you will need to include in your group Stalker, nicknamed the Tramp. At the station "Midsummer" talk to the stalkers and ask them to escort you to the warehouse containers. Reaching the warehouse, move him North along the highway. Try to go with the right side of the road embankment so as not to catch the eye of the thugs guarding the warehouse.
Upon reaching the small bridge, turn to the West. On the shore of a small swamp you will see a detachment of the Stalker clan "Monolith". Hide the weapons to show their peaceful intentions, and move closer to the group of stalkers. When you shout about the fact that I allow to come closer, without fear, go and talk to their commander. This will be a wanted Drifter.
After a conversation with a Hobo go to the station "Midsummer" and talk to the commander of the clan "Duty" or "Freedom". Convince them to take a squad of Tramps. With recruiters from the selected clan return to the location of the monolith and convince them to join another Stalker group.
After the Tramp and his squad will join up in one of the groups, find the Bum will be at one of the tables, the buffet at the station "Midsummer". There he would be until then, unless you can convince him to join his March to the Dead city. After this Hobo can be found at the water tower near the station where the Stalker Zulu.
Go for a hike on the crossover Pripyat-1, Tramp will be around you and support you fire. If you don't see it, most likely, he was killed in one of the many firefights.
When they reached the Dead city, the rest of your squad, including the Tramp, will be in the building of an abandoned Laundry. Back there from time to time, one day you will notice that the Vagrants are not there. Ask others to find out what a Tramp went into Dead city to regain his memory. From this point in the game you will not meet.
If you are a Bum the rest of the game will remain alive in the final cutscene, you learn that he's on his feet reached the center of the Dead city, where he created his Stalker clan.

Advice 2: Where to find snag Stalker Call of Pripyat

Among the characters in the universe of the game "Stalker" meet as friends and enemies. Usually the problem with the latter is quickly solved with the help of a firefight, but there are enemies to kill which can not be right, but small things the player should be expected constantly.
Where to find snag Stalker Call of Pripyat
First time to find the Stalker Snag in the hotel bar "Skadovsk". Just go inside the old ship and behind one of the makeshift tables look the usual type of Stalker, who immediately offered to share with you the coordinates of the cache.
Agree to get things from the stash of Driftwood and go to the specified coordinates. Down in the pit, the bottom of which lies an old car. Remove from his trunk a suitcase with clothes. After this, go to the cave and fight with monsters. Breaking to the exit, jump down, trying not to fall into the anomaly.
Bring the box to the Snag and get the reward. Then mind your own business and earn money for new weapons. Accumulating enough money, order it from the Stalker Nimble. Waiting for the long-awaited order, put the weapon in the appropriate inventory slot and head for the exit with the "Skadovsk".
On the way you call out the Snag and begin to argue that it was his weapon that he stole. Active mind, but check with Smart, so whether it is. Knowing that the Stalker is lying to you, go to the bar to confront him. Not finding him there, find out from others what had happened to Snag, then go to the meeting place. From waiting for you there, criminals will figure out what a Snag she ran into you at a new location – the station "Midsummer".
With the help of the Stalker-Explorer go to the station. There just put your stuff in your personal drawer and go to sleep or go on business. Finding on my return that you were robbed, rush to interview witnesses. Among other talk to a Stalker named Zulu, who lives near the station. Having ascertained from the conversation that SnagIt is likely to be close to the abandoned station, go there.
Coming closer, you will find there wounded Snag and preparing to shoot his killer. You can give it to him and then to search the corpse of Driftwood. Another option – kill the killer and personally talk to the Snag. Following the discussion, you can decide to shoot a Snag or Vice versa, to cure him, giving him a first aid kit. After that, the Snag appears at the station "Midsummer" and will not go away.
A Stalker Snags have reason to disappear - he is chased by the bandits. Therefore, looking for a Snag, get ready to face armed competitors.

Advice 3: Where can I find barge and Joker in Stalker Call of Pripyat

The computer game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" is not only the battles and find artifacts, but also many stories of the inhabitants of this world that make up the plot of the game. This time it will be finding the main character of three friends, whose traces were lost in the dark Zone of Alienation.
Where can I find barge and Joker in Stalker Call of Pripyat
Starting the game on the location of the "Creek," go to "Skadovsk" and among the many cabins find a workshop where sitting Stalker-tech gimbal. Talk to him during the conversation palming off a bottle of vodka. When the technician will razotkrovennichalsya, offer him more alcohol, after which he will begin to remember your friends. In a fit of drunken nostalgia, he will ask you to learn about their fate, promising a reward.
Having received from the Cardan quest "Three comrades", the first thing to go to an abandoned gas station, near the cleft. When he reached it, turn to the West, to the grove, which is about anomaly "Sosnodub". Addresses on the way from a pack of blind dogs and looking at the body of Stalker.
Found in thick grass picked clean skeleton, inspect the ground around looking for a PDA. It can be easy to find, thanks to the luminous screen. Pick up the computer and records it, find out that the skeleton belongs to a Stalker named Joker.
Take the PDA to Cardan and get a small reward. Now go in search of a second of each technique. The stories of Cardan, he headed to the burned-out farm, which stands on the hill. Reach the ruins and search them. In the absence of the body farm, the hero of the game will come to the conclusion that the Barge went down in the cave.
Go down to the base of the hill and find the entrance to the cave. One failure leads to a small cave with a monster controller, however, among the piles of dead bodies you Barge will not find. The second failure leads deep underground. Go down it and you will find yourself in an extensive but closed network of caves and tunnels.
Using a flashlight or night-vision goggles, methodically scour every nook and cranny of the cave, paying special attention to the puddles "soda". In the end, one of the anomalies you find the twisted body of the Stalker. Pick up his PDA and make sure that it is a Barge. Take PDAs Barge Cardan.
Don't stay in the caves under the farm any longer than necessary. High levels of toxic fumes and anomaly "soda" quickly take down your suit, without which you will die quickly.
Useful advice
Down in the caves under the farm, before you throw a bolt to detect gravitational anomalies that are being poorly visible in light, almost invisible in the dark.

Advice 4: Where in Stalker Call of Pripyat to find ekzoskelet

The exoskeleton is one of the most expensive costumes in the game series "Stalker". As a rule, it appears towards the end of the game when the player is faced with a particularly dangerous monsters and stalkers. The game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat is no exception, but the way of production of the exoskeleton has changed significantly.
Where in Stalker Call of Pripyat to find ekzoskelet

The exoskeleton

A simple exoskeleton can be obtained at the initial stage of the game. For this, above all, achieve "Skadovsk" and talk with its inhabitants. Find the leader of the stalkers by the name of Beard and ask them to give you a job. Proposed take the quest "a Strange glow". Go to the dredge and take out the artifact that is looking for a Beard.

Now this opens a new quest "attractive business". To run it scour the caches and the corpses of the stalkers, to find 3 enhanced detector artifacts. After their findings, move to the next location – the station "Midsummer" and give the detectors to the scientists.

Go back to "Skadovsk and talk to the leader of the bandits Sultan. Take his quest "Dark business". Then go in search of a Stalker named Noah, who lives on an abandoned ship. Take his artifact "Compass" and take the Sultan.

Now you have enough money and reputation to refer to another inhabitant "Skadovsk" - Fast. It is possible to find on deck 3 in one of the cabins. After talking with him, make an order for body armor and pay in advance. Please remember that Nimble brings objects at random. Making this order, you can get the exoskeleton jumpsuit or reinforced Kevlar. If he gave you the exoskeleton immediately, he can bring it to you 2 or 3 order.

Wait for the return of Nimble and take away his exoskeleton, paying the rest amount.

Another option is to purchase an exoskeleton – complete quests and get the artifacts to accumulate 100 000 RUB. After that, the dealer Sych living on the 2nd deck of the Skadovsk, offer you a wider range of products, including the exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton "Freedom"

Despite the fact that in the game their exoskeletons use of the group "Bandits", "Mercenaries", "Duty" and "Monolith", the player can receive only the usual exoskeleton (used by stalkers) and an exoskeleton of "Freedom".

To obtain the exoskeleton of this clan of stalkers, during the quests Beard, get a PDA dealer group "Duty" on behalf of Morgan. At the station "Midsummer", near the towers, explore a spatial anomaly, and take one of the bodies found PDA Tkachenko. Found PDAs give the leader of "Freedom" - Loki.

Find the Tramps and persuade them to join the group "Freedom", then met scientists convince them to entrust the protection of the scientific bunker soldiers of Loki. For this you get the achievement "Friend of "Freedom", after which the members of this group will become your allies, and their merchants will lower player prices.

After this achievement go to the dealer by the name of Hawaiian. Among his goods buy exoskeleton "Liberty," which has a lower weight, greater strength and opportunity to run, compared to the usual exoskeleton.

Advice 5: Where to find the oasis in the game STALKER call of Pripyat

Mysterious Oasis is one of the legends light and dark and inhospitable Zone of Alienation. They say that it heals all wounds, that there reigns peace and quiet and even the monsters are friendly to man. So whether it is, to figure out the player.
Where to find the oasis in the game STALKER call of Pripyat

Search Oasis on earth

When in his walks through the Area you will visit the bunker of scientists, Professor Ozersky will give your hero the quest to find the mysterious Oasis. To get at least some information about him, ask around about it of stalkers from the different factions. Of these inquiries, you learn that the Oasis is definitely there, but his whereabouts remain a mystery.

The most likely place to find him would be the ventilation complex. Examining a large area, you will not be able to get inside, though obviously have some room.

Having failed, turn West and walk to the old depot. Go inside and look around. For normal stop here, too many doors and monsters, so look for those passages that lead down. Shoot or smash with a knife boarded up the door and engaged in battle with the zombified stalkers for her.

Search Oasis underground

The fights in the tunnels are characterized by high tensions. Zombified stalkers wearing exoskeleton and armed with a powerful weapon. Shooting case, it would be difficult to harm them, and their response queue capable of breaking a player in the tunnel apart. The best option is aiming to beat the queues them in the head, however, everything is not so simple. Infesting these tunnels jerboa and strive to stick you in the leg, knocking sight. The player will have to spin, aiming at a zombie and having to shoot a nimble monsters.

Passing through the living barrier of the monsters from all the passages, choose those that are down and to the East, to the ventilation complex. Ending your walks will be a corridor with emergency light, where you'll find the AutoSave.

Enter a dark hall with rows of columns. In order to reach the end of the hall, you need to choose the right passage between them. In case of failure, you will teleport to the room with emergency lamp.

In order to pass through the hall to the end, go as follows: go through 1 row of columns 2 through the passage on the left. In confirmation that you did everything right, passed the arch will begin to glow a ghostly glow. 2 columns 4 pass through the passage on the left. 3 the number of columns you can go through the 3 pass. The last 4 a number of, go through 1 arch.

You will now enter a large room where in the middle in a puddle of water is a strange glowing plant. Coming closer, you will be able to identify it as an artifact "Heart of Oasis".

Tear the artifact and rush to the stairs leading upstairs. Pay no attention to pop monster – he is immortal and your only salvation is in speed. Climbing the stairs puts you out of reach of the creature. Climb to the exit and tell the Professor Ozersky about the Oasis.
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