You will need
  • - a functioning game "S. T. A. L. K. E. R." on the computer;
  • - no additional add-ins (for example mods) affect scripted passage;
  • - the execution of all tasks prior to the mission "Laboratory X-18".
Complete all the missions needed for "open" jobs "Laboratory X-18". These missions provides, first and foremost, the Bartender from the bar "Hundred x-ray" based on "Debt". The Bartender sends the player into the very lab, giving the first of two keys for the entrance to the cave X-18. The key looks like an ordinary flash drive, but to sell it to the player it is impossible.
Look in the Dark valley the second key to enter the dungeon of the lab X-18. To do this, first support initiatives "dolgovtsa" Bullets – he's the player meets at the entrance to the Dark valley location. The bullet will be asked to help rescue the hostages, as well as talk about the location of Hog's – character, protecting the second key. Don't forget to stock up on ammo and save the game – Hog is guarded by more than a dozen fellow bandits.
Carefully scour the dungeon of the lab X-18. The fact that two keys to complete the job will not be enough – in the lab, you will unlock two more doors. Find the first locked door, and on the mini-map the player will see a white dot so marked in the body of the scientist, a personal computer (PDA) which has the necessary code. This figure 1243.
To unlock the last locked door of the laboratory X-18, it is also necessary to find the body of a scientist to check his PDA. In addition to interesting entries, the computer scientist there, and the second code is 9524. Possessing these data, it is easy and no problem to complete the mission.