A set of tools for Cardan

After receiving the quest from the Cardan shaft at the location of "Creek," when he asks you to find for him a variety of tools, head to the abandoned sawmill. Without entering into battle with a zombified stalkers, go around the building on the hill and down to a secluded ruined house.

Running past the stalled truck and dive into the doorway. Shoot zombies inside the house, and then in one of the 2 room look for a ladder leading to the attic. There ain't a small room and pick up the tools.
Each of the technicians need 3 kinds of tools: tools for rough work, tools for fine work and tools for calibration.

However, to go from the attic is not so easy. Zombified stalkers the whole bunch will gather on the shots and block the passage, preventing the player to go inaccurate, but heavy fire. Cracked in the attic boxes and pull out a grenade. Throw them in the cracks on the floor in a cluster of dead stalkers. When those scattered by the explosion, come down and run as fast as possible.

You must then visit the substation to the West of anomaly "Circus". Approaching her, you stay away from terrible shout back at her mercenaries. Agree with them, promising to bring food. In exchange for food, the mercenaries will allow you to dig in the containers in the back yard of the substation, where, after a brief search, you'll find another set of tools.

A set of tools for Nitrogen

Going to the location of Jupiter will also have to find instruments for the local technician named Nitrogen. To do this, go along the railway tracks South until you reach the abandoned train bridge. Climb the bridge and jump into the open hatch on the roof. Run through the cabin to the airlock and look on the floor tools. Get what you want, jump onto the window sill, sit down and get out of the window.

Another set of instruments located on the territory of the plant "Jupiter". To do this, go to the anomaly "Concrete bathtub" where to find the iron gate leading into the yard of the plant. Once inside, move to the right multistoried building where you climb to the top. On the top floor in the right corner will lie the tools.
Tools for each of the technicians are interchangeable. Tools with the location of "Jupiter" can be attributed to the Cardan shaft at the location of "backwater" and "Backwater" can give the Nitrogen on Jupiter. Such a change will have no affect.

Tools for calibration

Reaching the location "Pripyat", go North to the old building of the former BWC. Go to the second floor and search the racks, one of which will lie the tools. Take them and run away or otbeytes from attacking you byurerom.

The other tool set located in the South of the dead city in the basement of a Department store. Climbing into it, you are exposed to the attack of the pack of mutated gerbils. Disperse their queues and follow the fleeing monsters. He ran behind them in a closet as a nest, kill the remaining rodents and pick up the tools.