Try to find information about a deceased person, including full name, date of birth, etc. Having such data, you are more likely to find interested date. Talk to relatives or friends of the deceased person. Perhaps they will answer to the interested question. Browse the family archives. View letters, diaries, and various records – this can help find date of death of the deceased.
Remember that superfluous information does not happen. To stamp the certificate of death indicates all the necessary information that you need. People declared dead on the basis of a medical certificate of death and the decision of the court. The date of death will be the date the court decision comes into legal force.
Grasp the study of the cemetery's archive. It is usually, contain the name and exact place of burial. For this you need to contact the administration of the cemetery. This will help if you know the name and location of cemetery where buried person. Any cemetery maintains the archives burial. You will receive a certificate, which will be marked by a quarter of the cemetery with grave wonder. You need to go to the right block and see all the graves.
Locate the buried person. As a rule, on the monument, date of birth and death of the deceased. If this is not an option, you can search the archives of the local library. It is not excluded that they have information that you need.
View the obituary column in the newspaper or contact a authorities records of acts of civil status. If your attempts could not succeed, then refer to the services of a company that deals with such matters. It specialists will be able to help you. Information about these firms can be found in the Internet or ask friends and friends. Maybe you can recommend a reliable company for this service.