MRI of the brain: indications, preparation for the procedure

The MRI procedure is safe because the radiation load on the body is missing. The aim of the study is the accurate diagnosis for diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment, detection of changes in the early stages of the disease, monitoring the treatment of existing diseases. Brain MRI prescribed for severe dizziness and headache of unknown nature, hearing, vision, with fractures and head injuries. This method of research is used when intracranial hypertension, various disorders of blood circulation in vessels, progressing pathologies of the brain and blood vessels, chronic diseases of the nervous system, to identify and tumors, to monitor changes after diseases and operations. MRI helps to evaluate the condition of the tissues and capillaries the cortex areas of the brain before conducting operations.

Special preparation for the MRI procedure is not required, it can be done after people have eaten. If there are pictures from previous research, they need to bring with you. Before the MRI you need to remove all metal items – watches, jewelry, jewels, remove hearing AIDS, dentures, hairpins, take off clothes with buttons or zippers from metal. If the patient is claustrophobic, please inform the doctor, in this case, the patient is given a sedative drug.

How is an MRI of the brain

Apparatus for conducting magnetic resonance imaging is a cylindrical tube that is surrounded by a magnet. The magnetic field it produces when passing along the winding coils of an electric current. The wires that are in the office, receive and send radio waves. As a result, the signals picked up by the sensors. They are processed by a computer program, generating a series of images showing thin section of tissue. For MRI of the brain the patient lies on a movable table, it was then placed inside the MRI scanner. Inside the device, it needs to lie still and breathe. The procedure is 20-40 minutes. At the conclusion of the examination the patient is given a series of shots, as well as a doctor.

Brain MRI is contraindicated in the presence of the electronic and metallic foreign body (pacemaker, dental implants, artificial joints, pins, plates), in intracranial aneurysms. Relative contraindications are heart failure decompensation, the initial stages of pregnancy, artificial blood vessels and heart valves, metal braces, tattoos with iron-containing dyes.