Choose a classic wedding rings without stones, thread and name of the fashion designer. These rings look very noble and convenient to use – they don't cling to your clothing, they are easier to clean. Engraved with names and insert a precious stone can be ordered after the wedding. A couple of simple brucolac will cost you 10 000.


Suit, shirt and tie not hard to find in the most different price category. You should not take just wedding suit - ordinary useful, at least for trips to other people's weddings. The budget for 5000 rubles.

3.Dress white

Wedding dress you can borrow from friends, rent, and buy hand, if you have such good friends and you do not suffer from prejudices and superstitions. I have this version did not come, but also to pay 100 000 rubles for a dress for one day is not wanted. The most democratic options can be found via the Internet. Instead of going, say, in the center of Moscow, it is better to walk at wedding shops the Moscow region. There prices are very reasonable. I managed to buy a gorgeous dress for 10 000 rubles, and I still love it. You can buy a beautiful evening dress in the Greek style or "little white dress" in the style of 80-H. a veil can make yourself from a piece of tulle, which will cost no more than 500 rubles. You can easily find the diagram for the cutting and Assembly of wedding veils in a variety of ways. I expanded beads. The work took a couple of evenings, but the process and the result I liked.


Shoes do not have to be white! You can pick them up in the color of the bouquet ribbons on the dress and so on. So you can use shoes that you have. If you are committed to new and white – don't look for them in wedding salons. Buy in an ordinary Shoe store. At the same time taking there ballet flats. A wedding is a difficult undertaking, especially for your feet. Budget is 1500 rubles.

5.Beauty salon

Every bride wants to look irresistible in her wedding day. This fact brings many more profit, especially beauty salons. Sure you need everything they offer?

Not to increase the nails. Classic neat manicure with white, Golden or pale pink nail Polish is enough. Certainly, among your friends there is someone who knows how to care for your nails and are happy to make you a manicure. If there are none, then a simple manicure will cost you about 500 rubles.

But the hair is better to pay special attention. First decide, what suits you. What models will hide your flaws and emphasize the advantages? If you can't understand yourself, consult with a specialist. Negotiate a formal and not on a wedding hairstyle. Discard the diadem, flowers in your hair – they will only raise the cost and complexity of the work, and the hair might look effectively without them. The budget for 2000 rubles.


Let's move on to the celebration. Restaurants is no surprise, but the prices they continue to surprise so far, especially at the end of the Banquet. Surely among your friends and relatives are the owners of a village house or Villa with a beautiful garden or just good lawn, you do not mind to tread. And, you can go on a picnic to a picturesque river or lake.

The main thing to organize the event and to agree that several of your friends or relatives will be responsible for the holiday table. Your friends probably have teenage kids. During the holidays they will take on these responsibilities for a small fee.


If there is no space under the roof or canopy, you can enjoy your meals under the open sky. Put a few tables in a row and cover them with beautiful tablecloths. Better if they are white or brown. If your wedding is some kind of special colors, you can use it and choosing the tablecloth.

Noting the wedding in the summer or early fall, you can use in the design of the garden or even wildflowers. Let's say you have a Lily. Put them in a-liter banks, after bandaging banks and was decorated with ribbons or cloth. It doesn't take much time, comfortable and beautiful.

Use disposable paper or plastic utensils, at least, it is not necessary to wash. Now on sale there are some really beautiful plates and other Cutlery that will decorate your table. If you are unable to find something original, focus on napkins. Importantly, the harmony in color and style.

Wedding glasses can be done independently. Buy the most ordinary glasses, or use those that have a home. You will need about 30 inches of lace (depending on the diameter of the glass) and 2 white fabric flower. Secure with glue gun or any waterproof glue lace around the glass flower at its base. You can also decorate the bottles of champagne.

The trees in the garden to hang paper garlands, Christmas electric garlands, colored ribbons, photos of the bride and groom, carved hearts, balloons or balls of yarn. Almost all of this can be done by hand. The main thing is not to take everything on your shoulders, and distribute the work for a few people.

Buy ordinary arched framework for climbing roses. Look for them in garden stores. It is not difficult to build, and if you decorate it with tulle or tulle, adding balloons or fabric flowers would make a great place to pronounce vows for trendy Hollywood style.


Let's take the basis of chicken kebab. Summer chicken kebab are the best of the action. You can also add a vegetarian option grilled vegetables. If your grandmother grows cucumbers, tomatoes and just waiting until you can taste her vegetables, treat it. Why buy in store, in much better quality languishing in their own beds? Make a salad, boil new potatoes, seasoning it with butter and chives, don't forget the tasty pickles and mushrooms. Add a couple of beautiful snacks in the form of rolls of eggplant, toast with grated cheese. This will be enough.

Alcohol better to buy in specialized stores. Look closely at the promotions and discounts at the supermarket, compare prices. And bring on the table a couple of bottles of Auntie's delicious liqueurs.

Do not forget about soft drinks. Water, juice, soda. You can add this homemade juice or compote. Wedding table for 30 people can do, only just, in 10 000.


Prices on wedding cakes are not encouraging, and beautiful cake I want? Again looking for volunteers. From ready-made cakes with homemade cream is very tasty cake. If there is any special homemade recipe, feel free to use it. A dessert garnished with flowers made of marzipan, a bright dressing and a figure of bride and groom, you will see how enchanting can be homemade. Do not miss the size – sweet treats should be enough for all guests.

Don't forget the tea and coffee. If you are celebrating a wedding where there is no opportunity to boil the tea, stock up on a couple of large thermoses.

10.The script

As is customary to do on-site registration, you can say your vows and exchange rings. To replace the REGISTRAR, as well as a master of ceremonies can witness.

Looks beautiful and symbolic meeting of the parents with bread and salt. Towel? Not necessarily! And as the loaf will come down any bread round shape.

To run your own wedding Quinceanera dresses not really. We agree with witnesses that they took the event itself. Only it is necessary to choose active, lively, talkative and responsible comrades that will not fall a muzzle in salad" after the first toast. Also you will need a friend in charge of the music. Even a smartphone connected to powered speakers be enough for a small party. Musical accompaniment will be happy to handle teenagers. Just give them the playlist in which you want the song for your first dance, soft background music and dance music.

So after meeting with the guests, you perform a slow dance and sit down at the table. Witnesses shall be periodically reminded of the toast that guests do not get bored and not yawn. After everyone congratulated the newlyweds, you can dance. For lovers of contests, you can hold them. Light the FAMILY HEARTH, and let the book table for records requests, arrange a slide show using a laptop. If your friends are comrades creative, you can include their presentations in the program.

After all tired, go to the tea party. Don't forget that the bride and groom cut the cake together. After dessert, you can make a small firework or launch Chinese lanterns.


Photos from the wedding – a very valuable part of it. This memory is the ability to re-experience the birth of your family. Of course, it is better to hire a professional photographer. Compare prices, read photos from other weddings. You can hire a good photographer for 2 hours for photo-walks. Let you take a picture on the background of beautiful scenery, with a fun romantic accessories while you are still completely sober, not worn. And during the feast ask someone from friends to photograph you. Photo-hike from 2000 rubles.