You will need
    • Turk;
    • Cup;
    • saucer;
    • ground coffee;
    • water.
In Turku (pots) with cold water put 3 teaspoons of coffee (no slides). On the first spoonful said: "in the past", the second: "the present" and the third: "in the future". Put Turku on a slow fire and cook. Add to coffee for divination sugar is not recommended.
While the coffee brewed to stir it clockwise 3 times, counter clockwise 3 times and then 3 times clockwise. Once over coffee to receive the foam, remove the cezve from the fire. Please note that coffee should not boil.
Pour the coffee into the round, white Cup without the internal pattern. At the same time try to do everything very carefully, so the midst of the Turks did not shake, and the drink is not mixed.
Then let the coffee stand for a bit, and during this time, your guest will tell you briefly about the problem. Story time should not be more than one minute. If you are wondering to yourself, at this time you need to calm down and concentrate on moving. Due to the fact that water is the most power-consuming substance, at the moment is reading the situation from space and translating it into signs and symbols.
Then coffee for divination , you need a quiet drink, leaving only the middle. Keep a mug all the time you need in the left hand. Try to keep water in a mug was not a little, but not much else divination will not work. The fact is that if the liquid is a lot, when you turn the Cup, signs and symbols all will drain and they will be a minimum amount. And if the liquid will be very small, the grounds will remain at the bottom of the Cup.
After making a few circular movements of the mug, flip the mug on a white saucer and smooth and let stand in this position for about 1 minute. In this position the left hand, move the Cup on a clean sheet of paper and proceed to the decoding of the received symbols, that is, to the fortune.