It is best to take care of their future admission to the University. You can immediately, after graduation, will build on the work of the organization whose profile you want to do as my profession. You, of course, satisfied with a small support post. In this case, you have the opportunity to read to practice their future profession to establish itself, to get management to assess their talents and make a deal with him that after graduation they will take you to his work. This option is the most long-term, but reliable. It allows you to spend on this enterprise and their externship, internship and use her materials in the writing of the thesis.
If you are not able to agree to admission to the University, try to prove themselves in the production practice. Make yourself, even on a volunteer terms and conditions on the entity where you want to work, prove yourself and get the agreement in principle of the guide to take you to work a year after completion of education.
If you received a diploma, but the job you haven't, then go the standard way with the help of mailing resumes to all potential employers. Well-written resume will help you to draw attention to themselves.
Use all the available ways to find work: monitoring the media and the Internet, Dating and relationships. They should not be discounted – now many companies prefer specialists upon the recommendation of its staff. In addition, there is a stable interest of employers to the specialists without experience, to acquire which is not a problem but active, and energetic learners. This is also your chance.
Show a little chutzpah, please contact the personnel service companies that would like to work. Even if they have no vacancies, we should not dismiss such a factor as a natural fluidity. What you already had, take the initiative, will be to your advantage when such a vacancy appears.