The fetus in the womb starts to move much sooner than she can notice. Starting from the 7th week of pregnancy first signs of activity of the fetus, but the mother notice them much later on 17-22 week. How to know how often the baby should move?

The sensor of pregnancy

The nature of the motor activity of the fetus, the doctor can judge how pregnancy occurs, that is, its activity is a kind of sensor. Since the beginning of the first recorded mother of the child's activity and up to the 26th week of pregnancy, the intervals between episodes of the perturbations can reach 24 hours. This is normal and does not indicate any abnormalities. Just a mom may not notice some perturbations or to confuse them with increased flatulence intestines. But starting from 26-28 weeks of pregnancy, the child should give themselves about 10 times in every 2-3 hours.

In order to prevent possible trouble and time to prescribe treatment, obstetrician-gynecologists propose significant accounting women keep a special calendar of perturbations of the fetus." During the day, a woman should count how many times manifested itself in a her baby and to fix the calendar time that had every tenth perturbation. The norm is 7-10 recorded perturbations. If the mother doesn't hear her baby for two hours, that's not a reason for concern, but you may try to "stir up": to walk, to do some light work or eat something delicious. After that it is recommended to lie down and listen to yourself: if the fetus moved, then everything is fine, but if not, we can wait another couple of hours and then go to the doctor.

The nature of the perturbations towards the end of pregnancy

The beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy tremors and fetal movements can be even too sensitive. Too rapid active movement is most often associated with an uncomfortable situation, which took an expectant mother. If a woman for a long time lying on his back or sits, heavily leaning back, the uterus begins to squeeze the blood vessels that carry blood to the placenta and the uterus. As a result, the child experiences a lack of oxygen and begins to "protest" violent perturbation. If you change the position of the body slightly leaning forward, or lie on his side, the blood supply recovers, and the baby calms down.

If the mother does not feel the perturbations your baby from 6 to 12 hours is a bad sign, you should immediately contact a doctor. Before birth, the baby calms down – preparing for the birth.