The embryo performs its first movement is already on 7 week of pregnancy. But at this stage it is still too small. Besides, it floats freely in the amniotic fluid and virtually not in contact with the walls of the uterus. This explains the fact that the woman first begins to notice the stirring in the womb a few weeks later.
From 9 weeks the baby may swallow small amount of amniotic fluid, which in itself is a rather complicated physical process.
From 10 weeks of pregnancy the baby may accidentally bump into the uterine wall and to change the trajectory of motion. It's kind of a first response to the obstacles and the first motor lessons. But for the mother of all these manifestations of activity of the fetus unnoticed.
At 16 weeks, it may cause the reaction of the fetus to sounds. At this stage the baby learns to recognize his mother's voice and to respond to changes in his intonation.
With the onset of the 18th week of fetal development the baby learns to compress and decompress fingers, touches his own face, covering his handles, when you hear unpleasant sounds. In addition, he gropes for the cord and from time to time feels it. By this time he had already formed the perception of specific sensations, now he learns to respond in movement to different kinds of stimuli. For example, the baby swallows more amniotic fluid if they are sweet, can pull away from the source of unpleasant sound or a jet of cold water. When a mother touches a hand to her stomach - the fruit trying as closely as possible to cuddle up to her and freezes at the sound of dad's low voice.
Perturbation tangible to women occur approximately 19-21 weeks of pregnancy. Actually this date is very approximate, because each woman arranged special not only in terms of receptivity but in the physiological sense of the word. The quickening can be seen a mother and 14 weeks, and 25, all individually.

A woman waiting for her first child, of course, have no idea of what experience to expect from his perturbations. Each in their own way describes their feelings and impressions. Someone compares this with a kind of trembling or trembling inside, other - kicks or jerks. Again, it all depends on what stage of pregnancy became noticeable first symptoms of the baby. In the earlier stages is scarcely noticeable impulses. At a later is already enough kicks or jolts. Some women do not pay attention to the first movements of the embryo, mistaking them for the natural processes of gassing, or the calls of a hungry stomach.
By week 24, you definitely will be able to share their feelings with loved ones. By this time the fruit becomes so active that it is possible not only to feel, touching his stomach, but also to see how the belly moves. This is the great experience that you can get during pregnancy. Having experienced them once, you will never be able to forget about them.