Quite often there are situations when the driver simply forgets an insurance policy at home. Well, if this day you will not stop the traffic police inspector. If you do "bump" on a police officer, not worth much to worry, explain the situation as it is. The inspector will check you on a special database, and if with the insurance all right, all that you are facing for driving without insurance in this case is a fine of 500 rubles.
Insurance companies conclude a contract for insurance with their clients for a year. However, some drivers, wanting to save money, pay for the whole year and few months. If the paid period has expired and the policy is still valid, the penalty for Insurance in this case will be 500 rubles. However, in this case the inspector of traffic police can also shoot from the car state numbers, for the return which will have to prepay insurance and to take the time to visit in the SAI. Without numbers operate the vehicle is prohibited.
The same penalty will be imposed on the driver, not inscribed in the insurance policy, if the policy is there. Here to return the registration numbers will have to enter the driver in the insurance policy or to do it without limitations.
If the car is not insured at all, the penalty for the driver will be even more severe: the penalty for CTP – 800 rubles, and the public rooms. For their return will have to register and present insurance policy.
Riding without insurance is a pretty serious offense, threatening the driver with not only a fine but a waste of time for the return of the state rooms. However, this is not the worst. Much worse would have someone who is not having insurance policy, get in an accident. In the case of the innocence of the driver to recover his car, he will be at his own expense. If a grief-the driver recognize the culprit of the accident, he will have to pay for the repair of another car, suffered from his actions, from his pocket. Given the fact that today insurance covers the cost of repair up to 400 thousand rubles, trying to save on insurance policy, you may lose ten times more.
To avoid the above situation, in time make out and maintain insurance policy and check its availability before each ride. Remember also that for registration and renewal of insurance, you must be pass technical inspection of the vehicle before the expiry of which there are at least six months. This should take care in advance, so you don't have to drive the car to the checkpoint without insurance.