Insurance is not in principle. If you got behind the wheel without insurance policy, then you provided the most severe punishment, because it is the most serious of such violations. In this case you will have to pay a fine of 800 rubles. In addition, the traffic police prohibited to operate a car without insurance, so the inspector will be removed from her room. You will have the day to eliminate the violation, that is, within 24 hours you need to get to the insurance company and to issue the insurance policy on the car.
Insurance expired. It should be understood that the expired insurance policy is equal to its complete absence. So if you got behind the wheel at the time when the insurance is already expired, it also threatens you with a fine of 800 rubles and withdraw the offer before extending insurance.
In the policy written by another driver. Numbers will also be removed if the policy for the machine is furnished, but not you. In this case, will be imposed a smaller fine than in the previous cases, to 500 rubles. Rooms inspector will be removed to eliminate the causes of violations, so it's easier to come to you, the driver, who insurance. Then on the spot you can return the room back. If this is not possible, then is there another option to eliminate violations - renewal of insurance. It must be open (i.e. anyone will be able to control the car) or you enter (i.e. to expand). As in the first case, driving without rooms 1 day.
The policy left the house. Another possible situation is when the policy for the machine is, but you forgot to take it with him. Not everyone knows that in this case you need to present a valid insurance inspector and to pay a fine in the amount of 500 rubles, not 800. You just need to ask someone to bring you your policy. Otherwise, the inspector of traffic police will consider the situation in another way: as the absence of insurance (see paragraph 1).
Riding in the company not covered by insurance. Modern insurance companies offer drivers the opportunity to make an insurance policy that will envisage a certain period of insurance. It is convenient for those who do not drive a car, for example, in the winter. The cost of insurance is lowered. In the period not covered by the policy, to travel by car impossible. So if you still got behind the wheel and hit the eye of the inspector, you will have to pay a fine of 500 rubles. In addition, cars will be removed from the room. So if you have this insurance policy, but want to ride all year round, to prevent hassles and fines, be sure to change the terms of insurance.