Steps to success

Daily read out loud, write the text and listen to it. This technique helps to successfully develop your diction without a mentor. Give a listen to a recorded excerpt to your friends, let them Express their opinions. It is best to learn under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Find a professional speaker and sign up for training. This will speed up the preparation process.

It is very important to develop your own style. Your voice should be recognizable, to have a certain tone and characteristic for you tone. Note that the dynamics and vigor of speech, articulation is dependent on proper breathing. Record a demo of the speaker. It makes sense to create a portfolio online and share the demo with your narration skills. Engage in purposeful. The only way to achieve success in this field.

The job of the speaker is reading in front of a microphone information, advertising, political, and other materials. This is done both in writing and in the air. Speaker, usually working in shifts. On radio and TV they can bring. In addition, the speaker may act in the role of facilitator in the programs, not requiring special knowledge or acting.

Professional requirements

It is important to know the personality qualities that are inherent to professional speakers. Among the most important is good diction and erudition. The person should have quick reaction, excellent memory. With regard to professional skills, the speaker should know the basics of acting, to have a competent speech. Knowledge of foreign languages, rules for use of remote pointers and broadcasting equipment.

If we talk about education, there is a need for specialists with higher education on a speciality "journalism". Also, the speaker can become a graduate of the art Institute or the Institute of culture. Starting to look for work, look at the ads on the forums and specialized sites. Sometimes employers post the query that they need a voice, which has certain characteristics. If you fit, feel free to send a demo and resume. Be ready that not all employers will respond to your letter.

Of course, the Internet allows you to contact the employer from any city or country. But it is better to be closer to those cities where the services of a professional speaker in demand. It is the capital and largest metropolis. In cities such speaker can not only get a job, but to successfully make a career.