If you want to get to "Battle of psychics", as convinced of his psychic abilities or seek to unravel family secrets, you first have to go through a fairly rigorous selection criteria. First, apply to participate in popular television shows and qualify among the large number of candidates, confidence in the infallibility of their own capabilities. Remember that during the selection show "Battle of psychics" thoroughly tested the psychic abilities of each candidate, so the correct answer all the questions put to you.
As a rule, all the candidates asked the questions a little reminiscent of some kind of trick, you may have to guess what item is in the black box or opaque screen. Accurately describing such a thing, you find yourself in the list of happy applicants for participation in the show "Battle of psychics." But try well enough to convince the jury in their psychic abilities that you have included in the list of the top 30-40 of applicants who are allowed to participate in the next qualifying round. Being among the lucky ones, and second, go prepared in advance of the selection jury rather difficult test, so the power to manifest your psychic abilities.
Since the transfer of the "battle of the psychics" is calculated only for participants with a real supernatural potential, and the packing job will be appropriate. To get on a TV show, guess the first try, which of the objects is a hidden man – in one of the rooms inside the chest or in the car. If you manage to make an accurate selection, will take part in "the battle of psychics" getting into happy ten supernatural powers which we the jury, a mysterious transfer no doubt.
Thirdly, ordinary citizens, quite far from the mystics can get to "Battle of psychics" as the skeptics. To do this, write the leading TV application indicating why you do not believe in the phenomenal or psychic ability of all or any one of the participant of the program "Battle of psychics." In this application clearly justify their suspicions and take the offer as a fraud and can expose if your statement seem interesting, you will take part in the show "Battle of psychics" as a skeptic.