To work in the fitness club does not need special education. However, skills of work with personnel, psychology, or administration you will not hurt. In the fitness clubs are happy to take sales managers, psychologists, teachers, culture. You need to confidently deal with the usual office equipment, as well as with the cash register.
Highly regarded and likable appearance. You should look well-groomed, sporty, stylish - after all, the administrator welcomes you and to what extent is the face of the institution.
Before applying for a job visit the fitness club as a potential client. You will understand what style of work adopted in this institution, to evaluate the climate in the team and other subtleties that are difficult to learn in the interview.
Properly make a resume. Administrator important qualities such as stress, stress stability, punctuality, sociability. Your advantage will be competent speech, skills of telephone negotiations, as well as knowledge of foreign languages. Must attach to the summary a good-quality image.
Jobs fitness clubs can be found on their sites. But you can come in any institution and "the street", offering your resume for consideration. This is especially effective when contacting the network clubs, where jobs open up frequently. Don't hesitate to ask on the status of the institution - they also need adequate staff.
During a meeting with management or an HR Manager ask in detail about the working conditions. Very well, if you have a list of your job duties. Note that long working hours suggests, rather, its extension, than the opportunity to get off early from work. Find out the possibility of a bonus. Some clubs offer discount cards for employees and members of their families, discounts for payment of services and other pleasant things.
Don't be surprised if you are offered to become an Intern. Check the conditions and terms of the internship. If they seem acceptable to you, you agree. Very often, after working for free during the month prospective student gets a very well paid position with growth opportunity.
If you want to become an administrator, but I can't get into the club that you particularly like, start with a less prestigious place. You will receive experience and increase your value as a specialist. Constantly monitor the job market and at the first opportunity, contact the institution you are interested in. The market of specialists in the field of fitness is very mobile in this area, you can quickly make an interesting career.