To work in restaurants no one indifferent — either go out, or it delays for a long time. The job of a waiter in our country, unfortunately, is not considered prestigious, although a waiter often earns more than the Manager, and certainly more than an office worker. It so happened that we considered it more of a part time job for students than full time profession. But in Europe it is very common to meet elderly men, happy working waiters.
Experience required not in all restaurants. On the contrary, many good restaurants prefer to hire waiters without experience, because to teach from scratch is often easier than to retrain. There is much more important human qualities: friendliness, politeness, sociability. If people can't smile and dwells most of his life in a gloomy mood — but this work is definitely not for him. Also the waiter will use a good memory and fast learning, because new information will be very much.
The official salary of the waiter is low, as the majority of income are tips that guests leave if they liked the service.

Which restaurant is better to get a job. To select the restaurant you need to consider some factors.
1. Price category. If the restaurant is very expensive — this does not mean that there will be more tips, because, as a rule, there are sometimes less than democratic institutions. In addition, such restaurants are usually very strict requirements, and you will have to work as a trainee until then, until you learn all the menus, wine list and service standards.
In self-service restaurants where guests pay at the cash register, a tip should not count. So the "Golden mean" is not a very expensive restaurant, where there is always a lot of guests.
2. The location of the restaurant. Best of all, if the restaurant is located in the city centre or close to the subway. If the restaurant is located on the territory of the business center, it most likely is aimed at business Lunches.
3. Schedule. If you learn, will it be possible to combine work with study.
3. Read carefully requirements: the age, the appearance requirements, does it require experience, knowledge of foreign languages living in a certain area.
4. Search the Internet for reviews of the restaurant staff on.

The interview should not be taken too seriously and dress up in a classic suit. But, of course, dye your hair green is not worth it. Employer in the restaurant pays attention to details: tidy nails, hair, no piercings on her face and how freely you communicate. You can ask the most personal questions about your Hobbies, life values. Also will tell you about the working conditions, wages, time of work. Tip can completely surrender to the waiter and to share all equally, some restaurants waiters hand over all the tips, and then get a set percentage.
Feel free to ask questions: is it possible to make an individual schedule of work, whether there is transfer to the house if the work finishes late, paid internship, can I get a tip when serving banquets and tourist groups.

If you are satisfied and you come to this restaurant, you are summoned for training. The internship may last from several days to several months, depending on the restaurant. You will learn to wear glasses on a tray, holding it with one hand, learning the menu and difficult to pronounce names of French wines, learn a lot of new information and to comprehend all the intricacies of the profession.
For someone working in the restaurant — this is a temporary part time job, who then becomes the administrator, the Manager and even opening his own restaurant. In any case, it's a great experience that will be useful later in life.