Make a summary. Specify the professional education. For employment, for example, in urban or regional administration you will need a higher legal or economic education. For the device administrator in any company is enough Sredne-special education, although the highest in any case will be a priority.
Write your work experience. For the public service the necessary experience in a managerial position for at least 5 years. In private companies we look for applicants with experience of 1 to 3 years, in some cases, without experience.
Enter your personal characteristics and skills required for administrative activities. You need to be stress-resistant, confident person who can find a common language with clients, as well as representatives of various strata of the population, to understand their needs if you get a job in a municipal institution.
Find out whether there are suitable vacancies in your chosen institution. Find out his phone number or Internet site and find out interesting information. Also subscribe to newsletters of sites with vacancies, not to miss a suitable offer from the employer. Contact the employer and arrange for a interview if it is satisfied with your resume.
It is much harder to get a job in the city or regional administration. In addition to the high level of education, significant experience is needed in regard to the chosen institution. Usually these positions are paid, so they wish to obtain simultaneously a large number of people. Unfortunately, with high probability the user will prefer to hire people from the circle of acquaintances, than someone unknown.