To earn money for the fitness club is very promising.

First we need to understand for themselves who will be the customer of your club in the first place. It is recommended to start with the middle class, since the lion's share of customers will be represented by people from this class. Therefore, at start-up and organization of the fitness club will need to focus on people of the appropriate level of life and way of thinking.

When choosing a room for your club will not be amiss to consider the close proximity of the residential areas, transport routes and the presence of stops of public transport.

Also, the selection of the room preference should be given clean, bright and dry rooms with high ceilings.

Approximate working area – 100 m2 (depending on the expected number of visitors). It would be great if as business expansion, you can build it yourself, or rent additional space.

The standard layout of such a club consists of reception Desk, rooms for salaried staff, male and female locker rooms, the gym (minimum of 3 sqm per person), bathroom.

Qualified instructors should not save money, the client can close your eyes to many things, but not for lack of talent coaches. In addition, qualified instructors are always more than a dozen regular customers that will become customers of the hall, where it will work. By the way, most first customers will be just such people.

Training is best done early in the morning or in the evening after work. It is also necessary to devise a system of discounts for those customers who will be able to attend fitness classes in a relatively unpopular time.

But we should not forget about the possibility of building a network of private gyms.