Make the correct summary. The administrator should be outgoing, positive, friendly, have experience in managing people, not getting lost in stressful situations, differ in performance and be prepared to work irregular hours. Be sure to mark these points in your summary.
You have already worked in catering or entertainment facility? Specify this point in the "experience". No matter what you only checked the tickets at the cinema or hosted at a coffee shop. You are not new in this business, and this is important. Summary to apply a good colour photograph is favorably distinguish you from a thread of possible candidates.
Find suitable jobs, taking advantage of specialized websites, or Newspapers. Can contact any the club directly – sometimes managers simply do not have time to update the list of vacancies. In addition, the turnover in clubx high. Start with the most interesting for you institutions it is possible that you will be able to get a place in the club of his dreams.
Prepare for the interview. You should look very modern, but not provocatively, because you are applying for an administrative position. Talking with a potential employer, behave freely, but politely. Think in advance a short story about yourself. Do not be shy and do not belittle his merits and achievements. Think of a companion as a guest – if you manage to convince him that you are the best candidate possible, so you can handle future work.
In some institutions you can offer a "stress interview". You will interrupt, ask to do something unusual, for example, to sing. You may have to wait for a supervisor or, conversely, to track him down in an unfamiliar building. If you're annoyed by these little things, think about it – maybe work with cranky guests and wayward waiters and bartenders you do not fit? A stressful situation at the club – the daily work routine.
If you have no experience but really want to become an administrator, settle for a free training or the post of "assistant". You will be able to learn the nuances of club business and improve your resume. Specify how long the period of your "experience" and when you can expect your first paycheck. Consider this job as training. Once you understand it, you will be able to find a place with a regular salary and a good percent.