Advice 1: How to promote a night club

Night club is the entertainment place where people come to relax and unwind. Each owner of a night institution is interested in a large flow of customers. To do this, he should take care of the promotion and advertising of the institution, which, in principle, do not so difficult if you know where to start.
Every club needs constant promotion
You will need
  • phone
  • access to the Internet
Identify the basic tools prodvijeniya the promotion of the cluband must be not only to spend its advertising, but also to maintain the interest of regular and new customers. Promotion of the cluband can be accomplished in several instruments: the distribution of leaflets, advertising in the media or on popular the Internet-resources, organization, club, governmental events, etc.
Develop advertising Campanula to customer interest in the institution had the need to develop a clever advertising. Such an important matter should be trusted professionals. A specialized advertising Agency will be able to prepare several options for the promotion of the club.
Advertising Agency
Find friends in advertising and promotion firerescue nightlife requires not only experience in this field, but also the right connections. If you have friends, for example, on the printer you will be easier with the orders for printing of promotional materials. May very useful and liaison with advertising agencies. The owner of the cluband will only enjoy the flow of people coming to the club.
Make about clube gowrisankar, you can organize branding activities with mandatory involvement of the media. Such celebrations cannot be called budget, but they are often justified – for some time after such events, new customers will start to come to rest in the advertised club, if only because it's interesting.
Do not skimp on accecptable small Souvenirs for visitors. Let it be a trinket, but not necessarily with the logo of the club.
Don't ignore interesting redloungecasino often mobile companies, cigarette manufacturers, and many others are organizing events for their clients in the clubAh. Do not miss this chance – offer your club for such parties. Even in material terms, the owner of the cluband are not enriched by such a holiday, but the school will be provided. In addition, among the customers may be members of your target audience.
To the advertisement of his establishment should be approached with all responsibility and seriousness. After all, it depends on the level of attendance of customers in your establishment. Developing quality advertising, you will come to success.

Advice 2: How to open a successful nightclub

Rotation of clubs in the capital market is impressive: from almost hundreds of nightlife annually opens and closes again, about one-fifth part. The annual turnover of the market is estimated is in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, while it is practically not increased: the explosive growth occurred in the three post-crisis years.
How to open a successful nightclub

The average volume of investment needed to complete the work of a night club in Moscow, is evaluated by specialists in 500 thousand dollars., profitability — in 20-50%. Interestingly, it often happens that the profitability of these institutions has nothing to do with the volume of investments: the club, built for 50 thousand dollars., can be extremely successful, and that, in which is nested a million, will be burned up quickly.

How to choose a room?

In most cases it is the right choice of location determines the success of a nightclub or disco. The fashionable capital club, calculated for middle and upper class, have to be in the city centre, within the Garden ring, but for a more simple, democratic institutions is quite suitable urban outskirts (their visitors are often inhabitants of neighboring houses). And more one important condition — to youth clubs should be easily accessible not only by land but also by metro.

When choosing a room from the list at the outset should be excluded the first floors of residential buildings. If local authorities will allow to place there a noisy night institution (which, in Moscow, for example, is impossible), then you will never provide to work properly indignant residents. And even if your soundproofing is perfect, there are certainly a couple of other of active grandmothers, capable of spoiling any party, simply several times calling the police. So from the very beginning you should look for a detached nonresidential building.

The room itself must satisfy a number of criteria: to have a sufficiently large area (experts advise to do the main ballroom with a size of not less than 250 sqm) and high ceilings, suitable for hanging lighting and sound equipment (4 m).

In the early 90-ies were observed the interesting tendency: for organizing of clubs and discos were actively used former or still working houses and palaces of culture, foyer cinemas and concert halls. While all of them are taken. But in the regions it is still possible to find a similar building, live without a host. Since the mid-90s started to rebuild the former plant idle factories. Their main advantage — a large area at reasonable prices (in Moscow — from $ 200. for 1 sq. m). Such options, in contrast to the construction "from scratch" require a much lower cost: you will only need to dismantle the machines or old chairs, to equip the locker room and a bar, develop a modern design, and most importantly — to install lighting and sound equipment. For small or closed (for occasional visitors) club is fine the basement.

As practice shows, the more years that way five years ago to find a room in Moscow was relatively easy. But now — this is a serious problem that hinders the development of club business.

As for the interior decoration, then the General recipes does not exist. You can spend 2 thousand dollars. at 1 m, creating cutting edge design, but you no will go, but you can limit it to just a hundred dollars per meter, and the club will always be full. The fact is that such institutions sell first of all its the atmosphere, and only in addition to it go interior, dishes, beverages, etc. for Example, the fashionable (and, incidentally, economical, allows you not to buy expensive furniture) tendency of the last years — the use of coarse wood.

Before proceeding to organizational and construction works, you need to make a professional project. And here without the professionals can not do. And we must begin with the development of the overall concept. This will avoid unnecessary costs, constant failures and rework, greatly increasing the estimate. In addition, specialists will analyze your chosen place for compliance with its location chosen concept. They also help to get a list of all permits required for the normal operation of the club. Consultants usually charge for their services from 2 to 5 thousand dollars.

But the organizational functions it is possible to hold the main club of the person who will be responsible for the entire concept (and not only for his program, as is still mistakenly believed by many) — promoter.

Main club man

According to many experts, it is up to the promoter at 80% determines the success or failure of any entertainment.

And actually, most of the closures of clubs (which is not uncommon) has to do with the unprofessionalism. Specialty "promoter" you can't get in any Institute, it can be learned only in the process.

The main task of the promoter is to attract visitors. To do this, he must clearly guide the activities of the institution in line with the developed concept. According to Andrey Fomin (known in Moscow as a promoter and showman, founder of the annual ceremony Night Life Award, which determines the best night clubs of the year), that promoter is responsible for the concept of the club, ranging from musical style and to organizing special parties. And the main task of this man every night to create a feast.

According to Harry Chalasani, one of the most famous Russian promoters (organizer of the club "XIII"), "the West club is only room in which every night some new promoter having his party. In Russia, however, still just don't understand how this Tuesday might play rap music, Thursday — trip-hop, Saturday — progressive house. Now in our clubs is often the owner and Manager, and art Director, and promoter in one person, but businesses that is not helpful".

The orientation of the club

According to statistics, up to 70% of profits bring the club patrons. Therefore, the first phase of concept development it is necessary to determine, on whom will be calculated your institution: to the "gold" young people or the adolescents from the outskirts, the solid businessmen or rockers, members of sexual minorities or naturals. Their target audience is entirely dependent on the interior, music, drinks, prices and even service.

The main visitors of the night places — young people under 35 years. But it varies by age, income, Hobbies, views on life. Conditionally all clubs can be divided into three main categories: expensive, democratic youth (much like disco) and restricted subject. The latter usually differ in musical directions: jazz, rock, pop, etc. There are also clubs for women, gays, etc. Going to open school night, it should be borne in mind, if you try to do something alien to itself (eg, convinced straight guy wants to organize a gay club), it is difficult to hope for success.

The "Golden" youth

To work with the Bohemians and the "Golden" youth, the most enticing visitors expensive clubs, just harder. In addition, the creation of such institutions has its own specifics. Unlike opening high-end restaurants where the big money is spent on repairs, decoration, purchase of expensive furniture and houseware, night club "Golden" boys and girls does not require special material investments. This assertion is well confirmed success opened in 1998 "jazz café" club, organized by the Yugoslav promoter Sinisa Lazarevic, whose rich experience of promotion of similar institutions in Belgrade and Italian towns. The organizers of "jazz cafe" save much on repairs, furniture and equipment and advertising expenses are generally lowered. All the attention they focused on the creation around the institution of an environment of mystery, glamour, elegance and elitism.

The second example — club "XIII". According to his promoter, Gary Chaglasyan, "for our visitors comfort is important, innovation, the pursuit of casual luxury and decadence, and rapidly changing atmosphere, when one night is like another". Some clubs charge money for entry is not accepted, and the profit goes only by the bar. The prices are appropriate: a Cup of coffee — $ 10., cocktails from $ 50. The basic principle of such a club is bought, for example, a bottle of tequila for $ 20., and sold in bulk already for 400. When a large number of bottles, the profit can be enormous. The average visitor to such places for spending the night 100-200 dollars ie, only with hundreds of clients (this is the average number of visitors of one of the parties), the institution helps 10-20 thousand dollars.

An interesting feature of expensive clubs — a short period of existence (no more than two years). When the place is "boring", the owner simply closes the club to open it in a new location and a new name. Another option: the club is closed for renovation, and then opens again in the same place (usually because of lack of space). However, the previous success he likely won't repeat ever.

But have tailored the principle of elitism of institutions, there is one drawback — a small number of potential customers, especially in the provinces. And in Moscow the target audience of the expensive clubs, according to some estimates, exceeds 5 thousand people.

Noisy place

The most wide target audience from democratic youth clubs. According to estimates, only in Moscow about 100 thousand people, mostly from 15 to 25 years, i.e. pupils and students. Usually they are not inclined to buy a drink at the bar, so the fee is per ticket. Its ceiling is 150 RUB this money and are the main income youth clubs.

And then such details as the identity of the amplified promoter and the face control at the entrance, no longer matter. The success of "wide" institution dependent on the light and musical equipment, size and capacity of the room, and most importantly — on the amount of advertising. If the music is loud, the lighting equipment shines brightly, entrance fee in the region of 50-60 rubles., and on the streets are dealt to the flyers-invitation cards with advertising, the influx of visitors is provided. Some, of course, ready to leave 100 rubles in your bar, but you need to accept the fact that the basic dose of alcohol enters the organism of clients even before the doors of the club.

Here, as in the first case, the road design is not required, the majority of costs borne for the purchase of the appropriate power sound and lighting equipment. As for monthly expenses, then the main portion for payment of the invited DJs (DJ): from 50 to 150 dollars. for the evening. Unless, of course, is not a star, who can earn up to $ 500. for that performance.

In the management of such institutions, the main thing — to adhere to flexible price policy. The weekend is much more willing to relax and have fun, so the maximum charge for admission should designate the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, after a stormy weekend, the influx subsides, and the majority of clubs either satisfied with the output, or make the entrance free. Experts claim that the institutions working on such a scheme, the profitability is kept at 20-50%.

Unconventional profits

In the largest cities of the world, actively open up and unwind specialized gay clubs. The first such institution in Moscow began its work in 1995, and today they have five. According to experts, every year the customers leave in the capital's gay clubs to $ 1 million. cash.

According to statistics, 7% of the population prefer to have sexual relationships with people of the same sex. Another 20% of practice bisexual relations. They generally lead an active lifestyle and by nature are curious. To find the right partner to relax and just talk, these people often visit nightlife. It is also noticed that among people with a different sexual orientation is quite a large percentage of the affluent, which makes them interesting clients for the sharks "night" business. In addition, the atmosphere of freedom, fun, permanent holiday and carnival that prevails in the gay clubs, attracts to 50% of your visitors straight. Some owners of such establishments are trying to artificially filter out visitors based on gender, assigning price for the entrance for women is two times higher than for men. In practice, however, this does not stop anyone.

Despite the fact that the sequence of steps in opening the club in General is traditional, it has its own quirks. A key requirement for the management of the club need to look for the administrator, enter in the number of potential customers and knowing "the specific genre". The costs DJs added expenses on the statement of strippers, holding transvestite shows and the equipment of the so-called dark room, where visitors can relax.

Organization strippers — fun is not cheap. Show", the male ballet, etc. are fixed pay: from $ 400-800. for that performance. The upper limit depends on the fame invited the team. Lone conditions dictate the owners of the club. As a rule, they are paid from 50 to 150 dollars. . The first time the work of this institution the influx of visitors is guaranteed, as with gay people love to visit new places. And your main task — to hold them.

Light + sound

Independently choose and install the right format of club lighting and sound equipment an inexperienced person is impossible. When choosing the specialists are guided by such parameters as area, shape, perimeter, ceiling height, and location tables, and the bar scene; of particular importance is the style of music that will sound in the club.

When you create a quality of light and sound in an institution with the size of the main ballroom at 150-200 sq. m it is possible to meet in 15 thousand dollars, of which two thirds will be in the light, and a third on the sound (lights are more expensive and harder to install them).

If ceiling height is limited to four meters, you can save money on buying equipment: instruments, covering up to 4 m, almost a third cheaper, more powerful, able to "overcome" 8 M. If your club planned performances of different kind of show-bands, the scene will require special lighting. For proper operation of the entire lighting system you need to pay attention first of all on the number of hours of continuous operation of the lamps.

If the club has a performance as live musicians and DJ's, will be enough power 7-8 kW. The minimum set of equipment in this case consists of 2 wideband loudspeakers, 2 two-way, 4 woofer, crossover (controller), processing unit (equalizers, compressors) and the location of DJ equipment (remote, Phono). Experts don't suggest (especially where there is a "live" sound) to install its digital sources: the full audio is only analog equipment.

According to Nikolay Hovhannisyan, Director of X-Light, installation of lighting and sound equipment must be made at the stage of rough work. However, many customers start to his selection after all basic work is finished, which is totally wrong. Moreover, such a folly, and even to the famous and expensive clubs.

Installation usually spend 10-15% of the equipment cost and the time it takes a week. The main lights that are necessary for any one club: the so-called "Central" (1,5–2 thousand dollars.) many effects attached to the ceiling; scanners (500-1500 dollars); rotating head ($700.); strobe lights (70-250 USD); UV lamp ($20.); damascina (produced by smoke the most clearly visible light rays — from $ 80.); mirror ball for disco music (40-100 USD); lasers (from 2 thousand dollars). And richer, you can purchase the device for the production of soap bubbles or generators of artificial snow (500-1000 dollars).

Now only in Moscow there are hundreds of companies specializing in the supply of lighting and sound equipment. When purchasing large numbers of vehicles you can expect to save up to 10-15% of the total cost. Checked customers regularly paid for the first purchase, suppliers can offer payment in installments without interest.

Foundations of success

The price of admission is only the tip of the iceberg of the profits of the club. Most of the money, though not in the democratic institutions, made at the bar, because the markup on drinks is able to reach 200-300%. But for the opportunity to hang out and listen to music people are willing to pay.

Today, many manufacturers offer beer bar equipment on its bottling in perpetuity rent-free in exchange for that beer you will buy only from them. In the end, buy bar equipment can be a good save.

Now the average check in the bar of a night club equal to 10-50$. per person, i.e. per night is from 1 to 5 thousand dollars. income all depends on the audience. The main person in the bar, of course, the bartender, he greatly influences the profitability of the institution. In the absence of the owner, the bartender can sell under the counter drinks, cigarettes, chips and a bag of beer nuts. As a result, lost the benefit of the owner. Another way to cause host damage — incorrectly punched check. This problem is solved by installing the camera and the ruthless dismissal of all dishonest employees.

To obtain additional profit by attracting sponsor: when advertising of alcohol and cigarettes is banned on TV, many manufacturers are directing their advertising budgets on advertising at point of sale — where it's still allowed. Sponsorship can range from a few dozen to 100 thousand dollars. for the party.

For clubs playing live music, very actual is the problem of inviting the musicians. The performance of the novice groups is quite cheap: you can get rid of $ 150. for the party. But among them are very rare to come across standing and bad music simply scare the audience. The position can save the invitation of the stars. However to pay they will have up to 10 thousand dollars. for the performance, but all expenses will pay off: for example, the entrance ticket "on star" in a popular Moscow club "16 tons" costs 15-20 dollars and the club holds 600-670. But in the province the performance of the promoted group will cost 1.5–2 times more expensive.

One of the highlights for any club is a reliable security system, because the visitors are very different. Some institutions prefer to create security structure on their own. But it's best to invite professionals, besides their labor is not so dear as it might seem (2-5$. per hour, and 5-6 people at night is enough). The objectives include the protection of not only the protection of the premises and all visitors to the club from outside intruders, but maintaining order in the hall, identification of drug distributors and their "neutralization".

Stages promotion

One of the most important stages after the opening of the club is "promotion", which usually takes from one to several months. Its specificity depends on the orientation of the institution. If your main audience — College students, the advertisement campaigns should be carried out in the institutions, "parties", underground passages (in the capital, it is the passage under Pushkin square). One of the most popular types of promotion — distribution of flyers (print these mini-flyers will cost $ 40. for 1 thousand pieces), giving their holders to various discounts on certain days. Typically, distributors receive a percentage of each used for the purpose of the flyers, but the main incentive for them is a free entrance, especially if the fare is high. Also quite effective (and significantly expensive) advertising on popular music radio stations.

However, all the experts in one voice say that the effectiveness of nothing to compare with is "word of mouth". Youth word of mouth immediately spread all the information about the new institution.

In order you could quickly find in the dark streets of Moscow, order of the shining with all the colors of the advertising sign. The most popular neon meter which specialized in advertising workshop costs 10-40 dollars. However, some of the clubs basically do not spend money on advertising or on the sign — they can even hurt (e.g., will come undesirable audience, and and so all know).

Advice 3: How to promote a cafe or restaurant

The restaurant business brings a good profit, if everything is properly organized. You need to consider every little thing to look perfect. To promote a restaurant or café is not too difficult, if you know what you need for a successful start.
How to promote a cafe or restaurant
First and foremost, hire a designer. The main thing here is to splurge and hire a real professional. The first thing the client sees, going to your restaurant or café, it's interior. Everything has to be neat, nice, definitely a white tablecloth on the table and perfect cleanliness. People come to you to relax, eat and talk, let them be comfortable. Be sure to make a separate VIP booths, where people could retire to a quiet dinner and talk about what others should not hear.
The second thing that sees the customer coming to the restaurant or café, is the staff. You must have an outgoing, educated, preppy girls and boys from 20 to 25 years, which was perfect for the role of waiters. They have a right to talk, to be beautiful in appearance, good service to customers, work quickly, be helpful, not to argue with the visitors. The courteous staff will help to promote the restaurant and attract new customers.
Go to the restaurants of competitors. Make a note of the pros and cons of interior design, kitchen, workers. View menu that they offer. Rate the variety of food and pricing is very important.
Prices for service in a café or restaurant should not be sky-high, but too low prices is unacceptable, if you do not want your place was like a cheap diner. Focus on competition, if your prices are on the level, but you have to prove that your restaurant is better and that he deserves respect customers.
Make a varied menu. Let visitors have a possibility to order not only a variety of French dishes, but also ordinary dumplings. Remember that some may leave the gym, just because you did not understand one word in the menu that they offered. Not all will be to ask what made.
The chef is the most important thing in the restaurant business. Only really good food can make a random customer permanent.
Music is very important. Best of all, if you have certain days will be live music.
Your restaurant looks perfect? It is time to attract customers. Start the action with discounts up to 15% on any occasion, not just. For example, Christmas discounts, discounts for March 8, the day of the student, and so forth, holidays very much. Be sure to order a good sign, place banner ads around the city, advertise in local TV channels, order a promotional laudatory article in the newspaper. Be sure to print colored ads, let them put up all over town, print flyers, which the students will be handing out on the street. Also, in attracting customers will help a personal website on the Internet, which is made by a professional. Is your business card, on a site is not worth saving.
The best advertisement - living advertisement. People believe more to those who have already visited your cafe or restaurant and has received an unforgettable pleasure.
Useful advice
When the promotion is passed, expect a large influx of customers a little more than a week. And then do not hit the face in the dirt, your task is to these customers became regulars and recommend your restaurant to friends and acquaintances.

Advice 4: How to promote the brand

Bright and well recognizable brand always attracts buyers. Promoting to market a product, its manufacturer or distributor always thinks about how in a short time and with minimal cost to make the trade mark is well recognizable.
How to promote the brand
Before you unleash the trade mark, it must be created. It is the stage of creation of the brand lays the foundations for its subsequent successful promotion. Start by selecting name, it should sound great and well remembered. The combination of sounds should cause positive emotions. Don't choose the brand for too long or difficult to pronounce name.
Be sure to register your trade mark. If you are planning to have own Internet-resource devoted to your product, don't forget to register a domain name. It is very simple via the Internet. Thus, the cost of domain registration in ru zone does not exceed a few hundred rubles.
To brand think bright sonorous slogan. This is important because pretty catchy slogan encourages people to buy relevant goods. Creating a slogan, aim for a specific target audience for which it is designed, it will significantly increase its effectiveness. The last step in branding is creating a logo. It needs to look good and to be understandable to the target audience.
Having described the work that you have created the Foundation for the successful promotion of the brand. Now you need to start to correctly promote your product on the market. Much here depends on the type of product, but basic principles don't change. There are two main ways of brand promotion: using advertising and public relations. It's two different methods working for a common goal – to capture as much of the market.
Recognize the difference methods. Using advertising, you are praising your product, describe its advantages, and convince the buyer that buying this product is the most correct choice. While advertising your brand does not allow simultaneous criticism of a foreign – buyers really do not like. In the campaign the rule: the massive, the better. You must convey to a potential buyer information about your product in Newspapers, on television, through radio broadcasts. In the case of PR, everything is different.
Promoting your brand with PR, you play the people's interest in rumors, scandals, secrets. For example, you produce some kind of electronic device. Let journalists hearing about what your lab was broken into and unknown attackers tried to steal a prototype of your product. It doesn't matter that it was not really – the essence of PR is not in the truth, and to attract interest. Depending on what product you are going to market, come up with ways to attract interest of potential buyers. It is important to your product we talked, argued that he was at the hearing. It does not have to aim for the hype – let's talking about it not so much, but constantly.
Again, rate differences of methods: advertising Intrusive and noisy, trying to penetrate to the consciousness of the consumer through possible loopholes. The PR exploits the natural interest of man to his scandalous, mysterious, interesting. If the acting is at times repulsive, the PR, in contrast, allows a very subtle and unobtrusive to bring in the consciousness of the consumer the necessary information about your product. After evaluating all the pros and cons of these two methods, you can choose the most suitable option for you and in detail to work out its details.

Advice 5: How to promote a website

If you are creating Internetsite, simply develop a page and arrange them to your liking is not enough. An equally important step is the promotion of the project, organized with the help of special techniques. If you do not pay due attention to the promotion of your resource, the number of visitors is quite small.
How to promote a website
You will need
  • - correct preparation of the site;
  • - links to website on other sites;
  • - site registration in search systems;
  • - contextual advertising;
  • - search readers in social networks;
  • - SEO-optimization;
  • - quality content;
  • - buying links on the exchanges.
First of all, correctly make page website. In the <head> block on each page must contain a <title> tag with the actual title. It should not be on all pages use the same header for example, the name of the website. In the <description > tag will post more detailed description of the page. The < keywords > not fill the keyword, the search engines it is no longer used.
In order to quickly promote a website, you need to ensure his appearance in the bases of the most popular search engines such as Yandex and Google. To start, determine search queries that should be directed to your website — make a list of keywords that are relevant to the theme and content of the website.
Position the websitein search results determined by search engines according to key phrase search queries and the importance of the website. The latter, in turn, depends on the number of external links on the website. Therefore for the promotion of the project, it is important to place on other sites as much as possible references to it.
Register website in search engines. Although search bots and find the newly-created websites yourself, but if you will indicate the address of a resource, the process will go much faster. Use search SEO, it is important in the promotion. Choose the appropriate for the websiteand key words, highlight them in bold in the content, create internal links between pages. Such information will accelerate the indexing and raise the ranking of your website. Ensure that the content is of high quality and unique.
Search of visitors on popular social networks. Create a special page with a link to your site and a brief description of all available networks. If the information will interest people, they will share the link to your website with your friends. Write more reviews and attract attention to his person. Insert the button a census in each of their materials so that readers could share just a couple of clicks.
Try contextual advertising in the search programs. This is a popular method of promotion, as it tracks the actual target audience. You will quickly find its readers by writing good ad copy. In addition, this kind of advertising allows to determine the cost of the advertisement.
A very popular way of promotion a websiteis buying links, there's even a relevant exchange. If you are willing to pay for raising the rating of your resource, you can easily find the network relevant ads.
Is the advice useful?