You will need
  • Summary.
Specify the professional education you have. If you have no experience, your education should be at least secondary professional, if you have primary education, then work experience in the specialty shall be not less than two years.
Learn the necessary normative acts on issues of hotel business and specify it in the summary. You should also be familiar with the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation, to have an idea about the rules and methods of organizing the process of customer service.
Be sure to write in the summary that you know the ethics and psychology of customer service. Express a willingness to study the structure of the hotel management and the necessary internal regulations. Read the rules and regulations on labor protection, safety and fire protection in hotels. Mark this in your summary.
Get ready effectively and culturally to serve customers, to create for them comfortable conditions. Tell us what you are willing to exercise proper control over the preparation of hotel rooms for the reception of the check, to monitor the cleanliness, to ensure regular change of underwear, to monitor the safety of hotel property.
Write down what you know about such duties of the administrator, informing residents about additional services, accepting them for execution and control of execution. Write, what programs are needed for the statements and paperwork you posses.
Tell us about your organizational skills, because you have to control the employees all the instructions of the leaders, to monitor the observance of discipline, fulfilling all the rules of occupational health and safety. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to resolve conflicts that arise in the organization of customer service and to consider their claims.
Writing a summary and sending it to various organizations, get ready for a face-to-face interview. On it you will need to answer all the necessary questions and confirm that everything you wrote is true.