Go on the Internet. On the website you will be able to see the advice given by the company to the applicants. You will be asked information about what is a firm and your potential team, as does the interview, how to prepare for and how to look.
Use the box "search jobs". You will need to choose the country, city and desired job. You will see a list of vacancies with requirements to the candidates and list their duties.
Call the Central office or in one of the shops. A direct relationship with the company will resolve any issues. You will record the interview or ask otavite your resume. You can also go to the nearest shop to you "Adidas" to ask the Manager the necessary information.
Make a summary. Make it in Word. Specify the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, contact phone number and email. Don't forget to write about the purpose of work, education, and work experience. In the last paragraph will list the previous places of work, starting with the latter, and discuss the reasons for leaving. Additionally, you can make recommendations. Please provide name, position, contact phone or email of your Recommender. Scanned letter of recommendation from the last or penultimate place of work, annexed to the summary, is also a significant advantage. Remember, everything should look seriously and officially, and if you decide to attach a photo, it must also be business style.
Attach a summary cover letter. A blank summary will look weak against the background of a large number of candidates. If it is made correctly – it will increase the chances that your candidacy will be allocated among competitors. In it you should explain why you fit this position and want to work here. Thus, you demonstrate your interest and desire.