Advice 1: As for the "Classmates" remove relationship

Earlier in social networks "Classmates" you can just add users as friends and communicate with them. Now, there is the option to organize your friends according to certain categories, such as "Family", "Best friends", "Colleagues", etc. in addition, you can specify which of your friend list, you are in a closer relationship. However, with this opportunity there was a problem: feelings not eternal, and it is sometimes necessary to remove a person from the relationship.
As for the "Classmates" remove relationship
After you log in to your account on the site "Classmates" in the upper left corner you will see your main photo, to the right of the field "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "Gifts", "Forum", "Holidays", "Bookmarks", "me", "blacklist", "Auctions", "Activities", "Accomplishments". Under the main picture of the functions "Add photo", "Deposit account", "More". In the right part of the window you will see a list of holidays that celebrate your friends, under it the list of people with whom you were once familiar, and under this list will contain the field "About yourself". There you can see your personal information, your parents and other relatives, as well as the person with whom you have relationships.
To remove a relationship from this person, click on the button "In relations with ...". Now you have two functions: "to Marry" and "disconnect". Pressing the second button will remove the person from the relationship and will be able to choose a new mate or leave this field blank.
The next method of breaking off relations on the "Classmates" is the removal of a person from friends. Go to the menu that contains the entire list of your friends in the search bar enter the name of your former soulmate or a friend, hover over the account of this user and to open options, select the latest. It is a function to "end the friendship".
In addition to the above two ways to remove a person from the relations in this social network there is another way. In the list of your friends find someone who is with you in a relationship, click on its name. Before you open his account. Under the main photo is a button that allows you to write this user a personal message. Click on it. Thus, you will be able to send your friend a text message with a request to remove you from the relationship.

Advice 2: How to remove the line break

For Microsoft Office Word documents can insert a page break (section) anywhere in the text. You can set the automatic arrangement of gaps or set them manually. The same is true for the reverse process: to remove the line breaks (chapters, pages) is also possible either automatically or independently.
How to remove the line break
Open the document you want to edit, highlight the text, which was inserted into the gap, and go to the tab "page Layout". Under "Paragraph" click on the arrow you will see a new dialog box "Paragraph". This window can be opened in another way: right click anywhere on the document, right-click, in the drop-down menu, select "Paragraph".
Navigate in the window that opens on the tab "Position on page". At the top of the window "pagination" set the marker in the "do Not split paragraph". To prevent the insertion of a page break between paragraphs, select the check box "keep with next". Click OK to the new settings took effect. Dialog "Paragraph" will be closed automatically.
In professional-looking documents, as a rule, the page does not end with the first line of a paragraph do not start with the last lines of the previous paragraph. These lines are called the hanging and Word documents no widow lines is enabled by default. If you don't need a special way to issue the document setup dialog box "Paragraph" in the way described in the first step, remove the marker from the field "no widow lines" on the "Position page". Click OK to close the window.
A normal page break you can remove manually. To do this, set the cursor to the beginning of the line before which you inserted the break, click BackSpase a few times (as long as the text moves in the document). Another option: move the mouse cursor to the left margin of the document and wait until the cursor changes to a arrow. Hold down the left mouse button, highlight the blank area of the page above the text, in front of a gap. Press the BackSpace key once.

Advice 3: How to remove gift Classmates

Recently on the website gifts have become more affordable. The site administration allows the user more often to please each other, reduce the price of some gifts, gives bonuses for payment of the Shackles of credit card, and sometimes the gifts to generally be free.
How to remove gift Classmates
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Prices on gifts fell, so for some people daily them comes quite a large number. However, sometimes there are situations when the user does not want to accept the gift or has already taken it, but do not want it to be displayed on his page. In this case, it is important to remember that any gift can be removed. Go to the site Before you will display your home page. In the upper left corner you will see your main photo, underneath there is the following menu: "Add photo", "Deposit account", "More". To the right of your photo there are tabs "General", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "More". Click on last tab and you will see another small menu: "Gifts", "Forum", "Holidays", "Bookmarks", "me", "blacklist", "Auctions", "Activities", "Accomplishments". Click on the "Gifts".
Ahead you will see a page containing all the gifts that ever came to you from other users of the site Classmates.Roux, who sent them to you. To remove any gift, hover over it, and in the upper right corner of the picture with the gift displays a cross, clicking on which you can permanently delete received or sent a gift.
If the gift you received recently, and he still appears in the lower right corner of your avatar, hover the mouse cursor over this gift. Will appear below the function "Make a gift" or "Remove". Pressing the last button will remove you received the gift.
And in order not to suffer and not to remove the gifts that are sent to you by your friends, you can do otherwise. When you receive a notification that a user has sent you a gift, just don't take it, and click "Reject".

Advice 4: How to get your video in the "Classmates"

On the website "Classmates" ordinary users often face the problem of deleting downloaded video, but you can deal with it easily. To remove a video, not necessarily to seek answers to questions on third-party resources, because the developers of the site "Classmates" provided in advance of this feature for users.
How to delete video in the "Classmates"?
On your page on a social network "Schoolmates" there is a video that you wish to remove? Yes, this really happens to many, after all, some movies can really compromise the users. If you cannot find on the website a way to remove videos from "Classmates", you can use incremental guide that will help to deal with this problem in detail.

To delete a video from the page

When you click "Grade" next to that or any other video, it immediately starts to appear on your page. In order to "eliminate" you need to go to your profile site "Classmates". Next, click on the Video tab, then open the page with the videos.

On the right side on this page, you will see a single column of the following items: "Video", "Liked", "Loaded" and "Links". You need to click on the picture of the video in the column to open in full size. Now click on "Links" and scroll the page to the bottom.

Locate the column on "My page" and then select the "References". This will open the history of all downloads with links. In front of each of these references is the cross. It is precisely the "Delete" button. To permanently remove the downloaded video on the page "Video", click on "Downloaded", and then delete the desired video.

Technical support help

If you failed to remove video, you can use another way, which will certainly help to rectify the situation. This opportunity is with technical support, or service of technical support.

First, you need to send an online application in which you need to try to explain the reasons why you wish to remove a particular video. Reasons for this can be a great many, for example, children gained access to your account and downloaded unwanted video or did the attacker.

If you will be able to explain properly, then you will certainly help, because the tech support are people who are obliged to help you and explain you how to delete the videos, or even to alleviate the situation, solving the problem independently. As for processing time, then it will take some time. If you just wait, soon your page will no longer have this video.
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