After you log in to your account on the site "Classmates" in the upper left corner you will see your main photo, to the right of the field "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "Gifts", "Forum", "Holidays", "Bookmarks", "me", "blacklist", "Auctions", "Activities", "Accomplishments". Under the main picture of the functions "Add photo", "Deposit account", "More". In the right part of the window you will see a list of holidays that celebrate your friends, under it the list of people with whom you were once familiar, and under this list will contain the field "About yourself". There you can see your personal information, your parents and other relatives, as well as the person with whom you have relationships.
To remove a relationship from this person, click on the button "In relations with ...". Now you have two functions: "to Marry" and "disconnect". Pressing the second button will remove the person from the relationship and will be able to choose a new mate or leave this field blank.
The next method of breaking off relations on the "Classmates" is the removal of a person from friends. Go to the menu that contains the entire list of your friends in the search bar enter the name of your former soulmate or a friend, hover over the account of this user and to open options, select the latest. It is a function to "end the friendship".
In addition to the above two ways to remove a person from the relations in this social network there is another way. In the list of your friends find someone who is with you in a relationship, click on its name. Before you open his account. Under the main photo is a button that allows you to write this user a personal message. Click on it. Thus, you will be able to send your friend a text message with a request to remove you from the relationship.