You will need
  • - salt or black pepper,
  • - heater,
  • - honey,
  • - St. John's wort,
  • - iodine,
  • - sugar.
Temperature may be caused by a temporary discomfort, severe fatigue or lowered immunity. However, the causes can be more serious, maybe you have a more serious disease. Therefore, in this case it is recommended to consult the doctor and undergo a complete examination. The first signs of reduced temperature, General weakness, drowsiness, decrease in physical and mental performance, irritability. So relax more, if possible, take vacation time at work, don't overdo it. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
One of the safest ways of raising the body temperature – a visit to the hot baths. However, in this case, the body temperature will not rise more than two degrees. You can visit a good oak or birch twigs and then drink herbal tea with a small amount of honey. Preferably after a bath a good rest, your health will significantly improve.
RUB armpits with salt and black pepper, this is one of the most effective ways that will help you to achieve the desired result. Smoothly also applied iodine ingredients. To do this, drip a few drops of iodine on a piece of refined sugar and eat. Or dilute a few drops of iodine in a glass of warm water and add 6 teaspoons of sugar. The body temperature will gradually recover.
If, after completing the survey, you found no serious deviations from health, then you have to change your way of life. Engaged in active sport, but avoid overload. Observe the principles of healthy eating: give up Smoking and alcohol, more fresh vegetables and fruits.
You can raise the body temperature by artificial means: ... refresh yourself with a bottle or bottles of hot water, shake, cuddle up, drink a glass of hot tea with honey or raspberry. Can take a hot bath and immediately dress in warm clothes. A decoction or infusion of Hypericum will help to raise body temperature (1 tablespoon St. John's wort in a Cup of boiling water).