Iodine deficiency: symptoms and effects

Common symptoms of iodine deficiency are fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, lethargy, nervousness, resentment, loss of interest in life, anemia, dry skin, swelling, chills, the appearance of excess weight, poor appetite. In humans, there are violations of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, nervous system, disturbances in the sexual sphere. In children there is often stunted growth, coldness of the hands, poor performance, and frequent colds.

The main causes of iodine deficiency refers to low levels of iodine in food products, oral contraceptives, provoking a decrease in the concentration of this element, alcohol abuse, Smoking, radiation exposure, pregnancy, selenium deficiency (if deficiency the absorption of iodine in the body slows down). Iodine deficiency can cause mental disorder, to trigger the development of thyroid pathologies. It tends to slow down the growth of bones, diseases of the mammary glands, causes improper fetal development, and miscarriages. Iodine deficiency in children causes speech disorders, lag in development.

Drugs for treatment of iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency in the organism is compensated by taking special drugs. Drugs must be prescribed by a doctor, individually in each case. The patient may prescribe drugs that are sources of this trace element, for example, "Imbalance", "Yod-Asset "codomain". "Imbalance" is prescribed for the prevention of iodine deficiency diseases (especially in women during pregnancy and lactation), for the prevention of recurrence of goiter after surgical removal, to treat goiter. "Iodine-Asset" - a biologically active food Supplement, it is prescribed as an additional source of iodine. "Codomain" - a preparation of iodine, it is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland.

Usually for women during pregnancy and lactation the daily intake of iodine should amount to 200 micrograms for adults and children over twelve years - from 100 to 200 µg for children up to twelve years old – 50-100 mg. The course of medication lasts about 6 months. After this dose of medication is reviewed. Simultaneously with iodine supplements prescribe medicines to eliminate the symptoms caused by lack of iodine. To prevent the development of pathological conditions is recommended to enter into the diet foods with a high content of this trace element, and for cooking to use iodized salt.