Listen to your feelings. Do you have the constant feeling of a lump in the throat? Monitor your weight, stable performance? Note appetite, increased or dropped it recently? How do you assess the state of your own immune system: does your immune system frequent crashes?
It is necessary to pay attention to such signs of lack of iodineas excessive sweating, cold hands or feet, or hot. If you do not freeze, regardless of the weather? Not the chills you felt a little shiver? Not to bother you, seemingly without reason, headaches?
Pay attention to their emotional state: not possessed any the last time feeling a vague anxiety, have frequent sudden mood swings? Monitor your heart rate not elevated? You may have started to notice fatigue, drowsiness lately, decreased libido?
Lack of iodine has a negative impact on all body systems, including digestion. The digestive tract begins to function unstable failures. Constipation, diarrhea – at the heart of these problems could be the lack of such trace elements as iodine.
The outward signs of lack of iodine in your body – oily dull hair, brittle nails, dry skin. In the presence of such symptoms, take more closely to his condition. If your family already had thyroid disease, you most affected by this issue.
If you yourself have noted 4-5 of the above symptoms, if your relatives suffered from a similar problem, as soon as possible, please refer to the endocrinologist, he will conduct the necessary research and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. Well-timed treatment of iodine deficiency will save you from serious endocrine diseases.