Codomain – a drug, therefore, to assign its intake during pregnancy can be a doctor. However, he will rely on the test results, the presence of chronic thyroid disease and other factors, for example whether this drug is tolerated. But, given the fact that the body nearly always suffers from the lack of iodine, codomain shown in the majority of women planning to conceive a child waiting for his appearance, as well as nursing mothers for the entire lactation period.

The appointment of the codomain

If the body is constantly deficient of iodine, it is sometimes impossible even to conceive, not to mention how to carry it and give birth to healthy. Codomain metabolism, including energy and fat, promotes protein synthesis, supports the immune system normal, especially one that is being formed. Therefore, only regular intake of this drug allows to speak about high-quality reproductive health. For two or three months before conception and the first days of pregnancy should start taking the drug codomain at the rate of one tablet per day. This will help to avoid many significant problems arising from lack of iodine.

Welcome codomain during pregnancy

During pregnancy iodine is absolutely necessary to all women. In itself, the time of gestation is a very vulnerable period, so a lack of iodine will instantly feel not only the mother's body, but the body of her baby.

At different stages of fruit formation deficiency of iodine can affect children's hearing, intelligence, memory, ability to move and resist inflammatory processes. And that's not all. Well-formed brain – is also the result of iodine. The thyroid gland generates hormones that affect the Foundation and development of brain cells. In the first three months of pregnancy, when the fetus still does not have an existing thyroid gland, it is the maternal hormones to develop that need in emergency mode: nearly 40% more than usual. Not to disturb this process, it is necessary to drink codomain.

Strong lack of iodine in the pregnant woman's body may lead to delays in baby's mental development and impaired psychomotor, at least – to provoke dwarfism. If the amount of iodine in the body is above average, but still not enough, these problems will remain, but will be less noticeable to the child. And, most importantly, emerged in the womb of a breach are difficult to adjust during the life of the child.

As for the lactation period, and in this case it is impossible to stop taking Iodomarin, at least until the end of breastfeeding. Many doctors recommend new moms to continue taking this drug even for six months after the removal of the child from the breast.