The beneficial properties of bee Podmore

Joe has a diverse chemical composition that, in principle, and explains a wide range of action of the drug. The main active ingredient of bee Podmore chitin (more precisely, its derivative - chitosan). Chitosan has a positive effect on metabolic processes. However, he has adaptogenic, tonic, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties, and normalizes the activities of nervous and endocrine systems. Used chitosan for the prevention of atherosclerosis, obesity and problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and also as a prophylactic agent to prevent the development of diabetes. And chitosan helps excrete salts of heavy metals and radionuclides, accelerate wound healing and has an analgesic effect.
Before use, the sample is sifted through a sieve with large cells and dried in the oven.

The second largest component of bee subpestilence – apitoxin, or bee poison. By the way, apitoxin is heat resistant, that is, after freezing or heating (up to 115оС) within 60 minutes of poison does not lose its bioactive properties. In view of this, in the decoction, krioporoshok and other preparations, prepared on the basis of bee subpestilence, the effect of the apitoxin is maintained. Bee venom administered to elderly people and persons suffering from psihonevrologicheskij, cardiovascular and autonomic disorders.

In addition, bee Podmore rich in fat. According to scientists, values fat bees is superior to fish oil. So, in bee fat are polyunsaturated fatty acids and plant sterols, so it's easier to digest.

Also, the sample contains dietary fiber, improves motor and secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract. This tool is a great absorbent. And here we have amino acids, minerals (iron, potassium, zinc and others), vitamins, enzymes and other active elements.
The maximum number of dead bees in the apiary is collected from hives during the spring audit.

Treatment thyroid bee subpestilence

For the treatment of thyroid gland is recommended to prepare the drug, the recipe of which is as follows:
- 2 tbsp of dead bees;
- ½ Liter of water.
Podmore pour cold water, put the container of solution on the fire, bring medium to the boil, then, slowed down heat to low, cook the mixture 27-30 minutes. Insist broth for 1.5-2 hours at room temperature, then filtered through a folded in 2-3 layers cheesecloth. Take the decoction twice a day for 1 tbsp (morning half an hour before meals and in the evening an hour before bedtime). The course of medication is 3 weeks, then do a ten-day break and repeat treatment. For greater effectiveness, the medication should be combined with the compress (using the same broth), which is applied to the area of the thyroid gland and leave for 30 minutes.