Caution: "Iodomarin"

Thanks to massive advertising, it has gained widespread popularity as the best medicine, complementary iodine deficiency. And it is especially emphasized that it is produced from concentrate marine algae rich in this important trace mineral.

Indeed, the "codomain" effectively compensates for iodine deficiency in adults and in children. It is taken either for prevention of thyroid disorders or to treat them when they are diagnosed.

Taking any drugs must be reasonable and cautious, and iodine is triple, since its excess is even more dangerous than the lack. Unfortunately, the "codomain" is often prescribed indiscriminately to all pregnant women and children. This grossly violated the need for a preliminary survey. Need to do a blood test for tileoverlay and thyroid ultrasound. If iron and iodine healthy enough, why make the "codomain"?

Due to the use of this drug, when there is no objective necessity, often develop hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis and goitre. Equally dangerous errors in dosage and duration of admission "Codomain".

Especially these expensive mistakes cost pregnant women, children and the elderly. This is usually the most serious complications in endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. And with prolonged use, besides in excessive doses, can develop iodism, chronic poisoning of the body.

The judgment found that from the "Codomain" is better in principle to give up because of its iodine ions alter the structure of cells, and they can be reborn, becoming malignant. However, science is not yet proven.

Finally, the "Iodomarin" unreasonably high price, even if you consider the cost of production, transportation and processing of marine algae. Take it as a rule for a long time, many months, and it is not one bottle of pills.

Adult only

"Codomain" can be replaced "Imbalance". It is also the drug of Germany. Most often it is prescribed to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and also in diffuse goiter and in order to prevent it. But it is also expensive drug.

"Iodomarin" iodine contains, as almost all drugs in this group, in the form of potassium iodide. Therefore, our domestic analogue of the so-called "Potassium iodide". Neither the degree of biological availability or the speed of accumulation in the body is not inferior to "Iodomarin", and is much cheaper. The only thing – there is no microvariety "Potassium iodide" for children.

Polish "Joostin" – more expensive, thus its biological availability below.

For adults and for children

"Iodide" is another equivalent of "Codomain" for patients of all ages. Also German and also costly. "Iodine Vitrum" and "Lodovica" – American pills is, perhaps, the most expensive.

"Antistrumin". The testimony of this ancient domestic medicines – the same as the "Codomain". But usually it is primarily prescribed for predisposition to goiter. "Antistrumin micro" provide children with the same purpose, or to prevent recurrence of goiter after its removal. Ukrainian "Iodine Normal" – analogue "Antistrumin".

"Microcode – a domestic drug without age restrictions, it can be given even to newborns. It is as cheap and effective as "Potassium iodide".

Biologically active food supplements

The most famous of them – "Yod-asset" (Russia), Vitrum Prenatal Forte" (USA, expensive multivitamin with minerals, including potassium iodide), "bimodal-9 (Kazakhstan, solution of organic iodine and other trace elements). They have a common major drawback, characteristic of almost all food additives: the unpredictable amount of the active substance. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible to eliminate the error in the dosages. Make their doctors do not recommend. And in General, to choose or replace any iodine dangerous.