Zucchini, like its relative the cucumber, it needs similar management. Farmers with a good harvest, if not to make certain mistakes. So, why zucchini not fruiting?

The main reasons for the long empty flowering and lack of fruit:

- increased acidity of the soil;

dense planting, the squash are the plants loving the space in the beds;

- shaded places growing zucchini;

- lack of pollinating insects during flowering stage;

plants "getting fat" and "zakormlen" nitrogen (from manure, the infusion of herbs infusion of mullein, urea (chop), etc.);

- too dry and hot summer, especially a lot of barren flowers (male flowers) in the long summer day;

- high humidity and prolonged precipitation.

Most varieties of zucchini pollination needs bees. But thanks to the development of seed companies, modern gardeners can find on the market varieties that do not require pollination, ie parthenocarpic. An example of this Dutch hybrid has Kavili F1. It is grown not so long ago in our country. However the price of such seeds "bite."

In the early phases of its flowering zucchini throw male flowers. And if this period is too long, it is necessary to temporarily stop watering plants. Not getting the moisture that plants receive the stress, and stimulates the appearance of female flowers and ovaries.

Another method that can be applied to the zucchini began to bear fruit, is the spraying of plants by a preparation "the Ovary" ("Pollen").