Issues of equality in the family

Almost certainly in a family where the man is 12 years older women, equality will not occur. Husband will always be stronger, smarter, more experienced, and so he will be the head of the family. If it with care and respect for his wife, no problems. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the man in this situation will become a tyrant. Often men who are much older than wives, do not accept the opinion of its second half into account and very badly perceived not only any criticism, but simply an unwillingness to carry out their orders. To avoid such troubles, the woman is to take care of the distribution of tasks within the couple and also to try to win the respect and trust of the spouse.

Another typical pitfall is the excessive pride of men, who won the heart of a young and attractive girl. The effect is enhanced if the wife is still quite young and inexperienced. Zagorevskii and rachatawee in front of acquaintances, friends, colleagues and relatives, the man increases their self-esteem. In the future it can continue to increase it by belittling the merits of his wife. Chicanery, scandals and the habit to tell the woman "her place" – characteristic signs of a poor relationship in the family. Of course, this pitfall, fortunately, breaks are not every love the boat, however, and it should worry, especially if warning signs have already appeared.

Other problems in marriage

If both spouses are still young, the difference in 12 years is not too significant. However, over time it will become much more noticeable. First of all we are talking about the sexual life of the spouses. Experienced, Mature man can teach a young girl. However, if we are talking about a couple where the woman has flourished, gained the necessary experience and was in need of sex more than in my youth, and the man has already appeared the first problems with potency, you may experience a number of problems. Over time, these problems can worsen. However, to protect yourself from them, or solve difficulties can, if properly take care of the health of men.

Another problem – different interests, different pace of life. This complexity, in contrast, typically occurs in young pairs. When the girl, 20, male, 32, it can be a little uncomfortable together, as husband is not too serious about the young friends of their beloved, and a fun pastime for him is not as important as before. Different priorities can also affect family life, especially if the man has already achieved career growth and spends a lot of time at work.