Find a husband-Bulgarian, if you decide to tie the fate of a man such nationality, you can through the international marriage Agency. Sometimes husbands-Bulgarians our tourists find during holidays in the countries of Bulgaria during their stay, study in our country. If the beloved people of Bulgaria you already have and you're puzzled by the questions that you may have when moving to another country, the first know that will encounter in documenting entry and exit in Bulgaria.
First issued the invitation to the bride's entry into the country of the groom, then the visa. This is followed by registration of marriage, leaving the country of residence. Upon arrival, the registration in the migration police of Bulgaria and the registration of the bride in the country of residence. Annually, require a visa extension. After five years of residence in Bulgaria you will receive the right to obtain permanent residence and citizenship of the country. As you can see, paperwork is missing. However, if you are left to live with her husband, a Bulgarian in Russia, the documentation would have to register twice.
When moving to Bulgaria the bride will need to have specific adaptations for living in a new country. But with that faced by all migrants moving from his country to any other. For successful social integration the woman will need to learn the state language of the country of residence, get a job, as in the same Bulgaria it is not accepted to be unemployed. The population of working here in the days of the week, and on weekends, resting on the sea, entertainment in the clubs and so on.
The future bride Bulgarian, you should visit his country, to meet relatives, learn the social customs of his family, before moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence. Here, as in any other country, has its own traditions, rules that one seem quite reasonable, and others are invalid.
The Russians and the Bulgarians, as one of the Slavic group of similar mentality. Bulgarian language learn the Russian girl easily enough. Male Bulgarians often beautiful in appearance. To his family they are very responsible. In addition, these men are sentimental, romantic, amorous. Bulgaria - European, a beautiful tourist country with a mild Maritime climate. All these developments increase the popularity of the Bulgarian men husband for woman-Slav.