Advice 1: What professions are always in demand

Unfortunately, many jobs disappear, giving place to other more pertinent in a specific period of time. Because of this, the professionals can lose their jobs or face the urgent need to learn something new. However, you can avoid such a situation, if you choose the profession, the relevance of which is always high.
What professions are always in demand

Profession: the modern version

To begin to address those specialties that just can't be irrelevant, since people always need them. A vivid example is the doctors. We are talking primarily about classic specialists – surgeons, internists, endocrinologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, psychologists. However, the actual remain, and some professions have become very fashionable in our time. In particular, high demand and will use the services of plastic surgeons, dietitians.
Of course, there will always remain in demand and good vets, because you need to treat not only people.

People need good quality food, therefore its relevance does not lose and the profession of chefs. It is including specialists, working in restaurants, cafes, but also mention should be made of those preparing food in hospitals, kindergartens, schools and other similar institutions. If you want to prefer the more modern variant of this profession, check out exotic cuisine and features cooking the most original and popular foods.

What specialists are needed always

Construction technology is constantly changing, but the people who know how to build houses, are always needed. However, it is important to note that the representative of this profession should be ready to study the characteristics of new materials and technology and constantly gain experience. But as a result can become very in demand with high wages.
In newly constructed homes it is necessary to make repairs, so professionals such as interior designers, painters, workers who know how to install plumbing, install floor and wall coating.

Before you build a building, it is necessary to design and determine the location of utilities in it. This means that engineers and architects also will not remain without work. This is especially true professionals who know how to work with non-standard projects and to create original buildings, not forgetting about their strength, durability and convenience.

Another profession, which will not remain without work, connected with the trade. Good sales consultants needed everywhere, though the demand for this profession has not decreased even with the advent of online shops. To find work in kiosks and hypermarkets, while for sale you can select any of the goods and services.

Advice 2: Which occupations will be in demand in 5 years

The profession is one of the most important attributes in the life of every person. Mistakenly chosen specialty can ruin a man's whole life; and also correctly chosen purpose can transform the fate. For the correct selection it is useful to look to the future.
Which occupations will be in demand in 5 years

Internet, communication

IT and the Internet is the most dynamically developing business field. There are more websites, apps and IT-companies, competition and capitalization of the industry is increasing every year. Specialists IT will definitely be in demand in 5 years.

Programmers web industry will not be left without work. Languages PHP and JavaScript - the most popular these days. But there are also new tools. Language Erlang allows to reduce server load, it is used to create cloud services and systems send messages Vkontakte and FaceBook. Another focus of programming is the creation of NoSQL databases.


Any company has to sell their products and services - otherwise, it would completely bankrupt. The ability to sell is one of the most important marketing specialists, no doubt, will be in demand in the labour market after 5 years. Not necessarily to an expensive MBA (master of business administration). A good marketer should be able to establish relations with the public, to understand Internet technologies (including to be able to promote products in social networks). Note that for the marketer experience is more important than the quality of the diploma (in contrast to the IT and engineering). If you're going to have to sell well, you can always start a business (or find a partner).


Being an engineer was prestigious in Soviet times, there is a growing prestige of the profession and in our days. There are no preconditions to ensure that the value of engineering professions have lost their relevance. The engineers need to implement scientific achievements in practice.

Nanotechnology is a new branch of science, which require scientists and specialists. Unique developments of nanotechnology has allowed to create a newspaper-TV and "smart" robots "Ivo". Dozens of Russian universities have introduced specialization "Nanotechnologies", there is no doubt that scientists-engineers do not remain without work in the world's largest enterprises.

New opportunities

You can create a profession independently. Professions of the future, such as "vlogs", Creator of the interactive training courses, comedian stand-up appeared unexpectedly. Making something useful for people and investing in your business part of yourself, you can open your profession of the future. Moreover, you will possess in this profession more conclusive advantage - the right of pioneer. You will be known to others, to be a recognized expert in your niche.
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