Remember that the main purpose of enterprises is to gain profit from one or several economic activities. Usually parties agree on the implementation of the 2-3 types of activities. They arise from the initial idea of creating a business and needs to generate a steady income. But there are situations when the presentation of the founders of speciesx activity of an enterprise vary widely. For the correct positioning of the firm in the market there are all-Russian classifier of kinds of economic activities (OKVED). Thanks to him, you can accurately determine the types of activities of the enterprise. Choosing activities , consider the maximum range of the future organization, but do not overdo it.
Please note that in accordance with the legislation directly to the economic activity takes place when resources are combined in the production process, resulting in manufactured products (works, services). In this connection distinguish the main, auxiliary and secondary types of activities.
In determining the types of economic activities remember that the main will be the type of activities, which your firm will get maximum profit. Secondary types of activities also allow the company to obtain income, but to a lesser extent. Subsidiary is an activity that is aimed at providing or facilitating the first two types.
Choosing the types of activities for your enterprise, do not forget that there may be any number. But among all will be allocated to the primary, it will be recorded first. It depends on the choice of tax system. All other codes will be considered as additional. Reporting you will pass, also based on the main type of activities.