Laxatives funds can be divided into 5 groups. In each of them there are the most effective drugs which differ in mechanism of action. The first group includes irritating drugs - they are the most effective and fast time actions. These include "But", "Bisacodyl", "Guttalaks," and good help from natural Senna leaves, castor oil and buckthorn bark. Mechanism of action they have in common is irritation of receptors of the colon. This stimulates peristalsis, laxative effect occurs about 10 hours after ingestion. Often these substances can not be accepted, as they can cause atrophy of the receptors and dysbiosis.
The second group may include osmotic laxatives, which hold a large amount of fluid in the lumen of the intestine, and the stool due to this SAG. They are effective and do not cause the syndrome of "lazy bowel". With prolonged intake, especially the elderly, may be insufficient quantity of salts of sodium and potassium. Citrate and polyethylene glycol are examples of the most effective osmotic laxative.
The safest and most effective are laxatives-prebiotics are substances that are not digested in the stomach and pass into the lower intestine where stimulates growth of beneficial microflora. "Duphalac" and "Relax" due to the stimulation of the muscles of the gut, restoring its function.
Well help bulk laxatives, which are represented by polysaccharides. These include, for example, agar-agar, methylcellulose, and bran. Bulk laxatives are able to absorb water and swell under its influence. At a certain concentration is formed contractile wave, which pushes the stool. However, they are very soft, gradually freeing the intestines. Of the side effects to mention bloating and flatulence.
The latter group includes detergents. If easier, then this is the oil of fennel, mineral and sweet almond oil. The effect of them is faster than others, because the oils are already present in the small intestine. Detergents soften the stool, help them slide through the intestines. Only here the frequent use of these drugs causes a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins, which is a serious side effect.