To cure severe diarrhea, you will need to understand the reason for it. In most cases people just got sick and after a few days it will pass. However, such a phenomenon may be a symptom of a severe illnesses and delay in this case.

Home treatment

Most often when severe diarrhea is not require hospitalization, so the person will have to be treated at home. With this disease will help to manage the rice water. This tool is natural and has no side effects. For its preparation you will need 500 ml of boiling water add 15 g of rice. Boil the broth is on low heat not less than 40 minutes. Then it is cooled and filtered. It is recommended to take 50 ml every 2 hours. It is important to remember that this tool is a good addition to the drugs that must prescribe the doctor after the examination. After all, if the body infection is present, it will provoke diarrhea.


Severe diarrhea is easiest to resolve with the help of medications. Good action at the "Tanalbina". It is a powder of dark brown color, once it enters the intestines, the drug begins to take effect. It is most often prescribed as an adjunct in the treatment of diarrhea because it eliminates the cause of the disease. You can also take activated charcoal. This drug is of animal and vegetable origin, he has the ability to adsorb harmful substances and gases. This black powder, devoid of taste and smell, so it is recommended to use in case of any diarrhea, but it also helps with food poisoning. Similar effects have Drug and Polifepan, but it's less pronounced.

"Phenyl salicylate" is an old drug that is used in various diseases of the intestine. Contains salicylic acid, which is a strong anti-inflammatory agent included in the composition of aspirin. However, its effect compared to the modern medicines rather weak, but it has virtually no side effects, he even does not cause dysbiosis. Strong antimicrobial drug acting only on the gut is considered the "Enteroseptol". It is often used for the treatment of intestinal infections in combination with antibiotics. The usual course of treatment is 10 days. Treatment of severe diarrhea is prescribed by a doctor because it is serious enough and there is a risk to cause a large number of side effects.