The main causes of chronic diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea can cause inflammatory and / or bacterial diseases of the colon, in which there is damage to the epithelium, forming abscesses and ulcers. Very frequently chronic diarrhea occurs when infectious diseases caused by enterotoxins. Much more rarely, in lesions of the intestine malignant neoplasms, and ischemia.

Chronic osmotic diarrhea is associated with accumulation in the intestine undissolved carbohydrates that have been fermented, but not absorbed into the bloodstream.

In functional disorders of the liver, stomach, pancreas, and biliary system, anatomical imperfection of the intestines, in a number of immune diseases, on the background of long-term use laxatives or a variety of pharmaceutical drugs can be a chronic diarrhea.

Treatment of chronic diarrhea

Effective treatment of chronic diarrhea is only possible after the diagnosis of the main reasons that led to its emergence. Only in the presence of the results obtained by the examination, the doctor prescribes a full-fledged therapy.

In all forms of chronic diarrhea the patient is prescribed a diet № 46. In bacterial chronic diarrhea recommended "Baktisubtil", "Enteral", "hilak-Forte", "Bifidumbacterin".

As symptomatic therapy uses drugs: "Smecta", "Tannacomp", decoction of chamomile, eucalyptus, oak bark, barberry.

In addition, in all types of chronic diarrhea required to normalize motor function of the gastrointestinal tract. For this purpose: "Loperamide", "octreotide", "Dalargin", but also calcium channel blockers: "Tridon", "Verapamil". In secretory diarrhea prescribe secretion inhibitors, for example, "octreotide", "Cholestyramine".

Osmotic chronic diarrhea treated with stimulants suction: "Foridonom", anabolic hormones, digestive enzymes. Also recommended in complex therapy of metabolic disorders.

Exudative diarrhea is eliminated with "Mesalazine", "Sulfasalazine, glucocorticoids. When the engine diarrhoea prescribe psychotherapy, "Loperamide".

The patient should be informed that chronic diarrhea can be caused by antacids prolonged use of antibiotics, antiarrhythmic drugs, artificial sugar, anticoagulants, medicines potassium salts. For the successful treatment of chronic diarrhea all these funds need to cancel or revise the treatment strategy.