You will need
  • - bifidumbakterin;
  • - unsweetened dairy product.
Restoration of the microflora of the intestine probiotics will help, for example, "Bifidumbacterin". Buy store any dairy product without sugar, whether it's yogurt or kefir. The shelf life of the natural product should be small, about five days.
Pour in half a Cup of drink 5 doses of "Bifidumbacterin" (one sachet). When pronounced diarrhea can be filled two or even more bags. Completely dissolve Bifidum don't need to obtain suspended. Drink this before eating or during a meal. Consume 2-3 times a day, depending on the severity of the condition. After reception of antibiotics drink "Bifidumbacterin" at least another two weeks.
While the intestines are weakened, follow the diet. You can eat boiled eggs, cereal, water, low-fat soups, and meat. Gross, fried, fatty and spicy foods try to avoid. It is also important to consume starchy and sweet.
Enhance the therapeutic effect of "Bifidumbacterin" vitamins, especially of group B. Vitamin B is rich in liver, fish, buckwheat, rice, yeast, cheese, cheese. Antibiotics, of course, reduce the effects of the drug, but he "Bifidum" neutralizes the harmful effects of antibiotics on the intestine.
The recovery period try to protect themselves from the stress and strong emotions because they trigger dysbiosis in the gastrointestinal tract. Exercise routine, don't overdo it, time to go to sleep.
During antibiotic treatment alcohol is strictly contraindicated: their combined use can lead to serious side effects. Antibacterial drugs are usually hepatotoxic and alcohol increases the harmful effects on the liver. Alcoholic drinks also destroy the intestinal microflora, therefore, dysbiosis and diarrhea can only increase.