You will need
  • - laxatives or fastening means;
  • - antibacterial drugs;
  • - the activated coal, enterosgel, natural clay.
Take your medicines. Regardless of the type of intestinal disturbances in such conditions shows the medication for constipation is laxatives, for diarrhea - fastening means. Also shown taking antispasmodics and painkillers, if disorder of the intestine is accompanied by painful sensations. If the cause of the disorder was the activity of pathogenic bacteria, it is necessary to take antibiotics. In viral infections, manifested as abdominal pain or thinning of chair should organize the reception of antiviral drugs that stimulate the body's defense mechanisms.
Drink more water. Fluid intake helps avoid dehydration is a common condition with intestinal disorders. It is best to drink a special saline powder (regidron, gastrolith) containing a necessary mineral components, as, for example, when diarrhea occurs, the leaching of elements from the body. Increase fluid intake for constipation enhances motility, liquefaction of feces. Also contribute to the discharge of feces cleansing enema of boiled water or herbal decoctions.
Remember to follow any special diet. In acute conditions, it is recommended to limit the diet to broths and crackers. Subsequently create a diet based on the essence of the problem – in the absence of the chair recommended a plant based diet, rich in fiber, and at a liquid chair shall give preference to the astringent and absorbent products (rice, cereals). There is a need in small portions according to physician diet.
Take drugs containing bifidobacteria – it may be nutritional supplements or medicines. Bowel disorders are always associated with microflora imbalance, and restoring intestinal balance is one of the stages of complex treatment of such conditions.
Propene rate of the sorbents are substances that collect and excrete the toxic products of decay, is certainly produced by any intestinal disorder. The most common ones are activated carbon, enterosgel, natural clay.