You will need
  • - grenades;
  • - chicken gizzards;
  • - Fig;
  • - adsorbents.
Pomegranate decoction is an excellent remedy to treat diarrhea. Thoroughly wash the pomegranate and peel it, chop the peel. Take two teaspoons of chopped peel, and put in an enamel pan, pour a glass of boiling water, put on fire. Close the lid and boil for fifteen minutes. Cool down and take a decoction of half a teaspoon, fifteen minutes before the meal.
In severe diarrhea use the following recipe: buy chicken gizzards, wash them carefully and peel off the yellow skin. Dry in the sun and shalt to dust. Take cooked powder half teaspoon twice a day, drinking plenty of water. This tool may seem strange to you, but it's pretty effective. By the evening you will forget what diarrhea.
Rice water helps get rid of diarrhea in a matter of hours. For its preparation take a half Cup of rice, rinse thoroughly and fill one and a half liters of cold water. Put on a slow fire and cook for forty-five minutes, cool and strain through several layers of cheesecloth. Drink the prepared decoction half a Cup in the form of heat every hour.
Refrain for some time from taking solid food, drink plenty of fluids. In the diet include soups and crackers, baked potatoes and boiled rice, Apple sauce and boiled vegetables. Eliminate two days from the diet of milk, fresh pastries, fresh fruit and vegetables. Such a diet will promote healing of the mucosa. Gradually include in the diet of usual food.
Adsorbents are recommended with anti-diarrhea. One of the most popular and effective adsorbents – Drug, with its help the treatment of diarrhoea can be faster and easier. Drink "Smektu" not less than three times a day for three days. Because of this you will not only get rid of diarrhea, but will heal the inflamed mucous membranes.