Urine is a biological fluid having a certain constancy of chemical composition. It in dissolved form is a large number of salts. Keeping them in this state contributes to a number of factors. Among them is of great importance the acidity of the urine, the use of liquid and its physico-chemical properties and the atmospheric pressure of the environment.

Kidney stones are formed when drinking insufficient amounts of fluid during the day or when sweating. In this case, the urine becomes more concentrated and create favorable conditions for the formation of stones. So people need to observe a drinking mode during the day, especially if their work involves at elevated temperature, for example – metallurgists. Pilots and divers have to endure atmospheric overload, under these conditions, the urine becomes more viscous and the likelihood of kidney stones increased.

Kidney stones can form after a urinary tract infection or due to the long stationary state, for example – fractures and injuries. In this case there is a violation of the outflow of urine due to compression or kinking of the urinary tract.

From kidney stones can be eliminated in several ways. Depending on the size and composition of the stones used surgical method, dissolution with drugs and dieting, encourage them to self-discharge.

Surgical techniques used for large and insoluble stones. A different ways: open surgery and laparoscopic lithiasis, and ultrasonic lithotripsy.

Encourage self-discharge of stones is possible with the intake of large amounts of fluid and antispasmodic therapy. Small stones, up to 2 mm, can move, subject to the relaxation of smooth muscles of the urinary tract.

To dissolve the stones prescribed diet and diuretic herbs. When oxalate stones from diet excludes meats, strong tea and coffee, cocoa and chocolate. Of the medicines used urolesan and vitalizing. In the presence of urate stones from food exclude meat products, mushrooms, canned food and legumes. Of the herbal drugs prescribed zistan and shed. In calcium phosphate stones, limit dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Of diuretics in this case, help extracts of bearberry leaf, blueberry and horsetail.

The main thing to remember with urolithiasis – stones after the removal can be formed again. Therefore, when the propensity to this disease must follow the diet not only during treatment. Prevention of relapse is a Spa treatment.