Advice 1: What to do to avoid kidney stones

Urolithiasis is one of the most common kidney disease. To date there is no consensus about the causes of the stones, but their composition and methods of getting rid of them known.
What to do to avoid kidney stones
Urine is a biological fluid having a certain constancy of chemical composition. It in dissolved form is a large number of salts. Keeping them in this state contributes to a number of factors. Among them is of great importance the acidity of the urine, the use of liquid and its physico-chemical properties and the atmospheric pressure of the environment.

Kidney stones are formed when drinking insufficient amounts of fluid during the day or when sweating. In this case, the urine becomes more concentrated and create favorable conditions for the formation of stones. So people need to observe a drinking mode during the day, especially if their work involves at elevated temperature, for example – metallurgists. Pilots and divers have to endure atmospheric overload, under these conditions, the urine becomes more viscous and the likelihood of kidney stones increased.

Kidney stones can form after a urinary tract infection or due to the long stationary state, for example – fractures and injuries. In this case there is a violation of the outflow of urine due to compression or kinking of the urinary tract.

From kidney stones can be eliminated in several ways. Depending on the size and composition of the stones used surgical method, dissolution with drugs and dieting, encourage them to self-discharge.

Surgical techniques used for large and insoluble stones. A different ways: open surgery and laparoscopic lithiasis, and ultrasonic lithotripsy.

Encourage self-discharge of stones is possible with the intake of large amounts of fluid and antispasmodic therapy. Small stones, up to 2 mm, can move, subject to the relaxation of smooth muscles of the urinary tract.

To dissolve the stones prescribed diet and diuretic herbs. When oxalate stones from diet excludes meats, strong tea and coffee, cocoa and chocolate. Of the medicines used urolesan and vitalizing. In the presence of urate stones from food exclude meat products, mushrooms, canned food and legumes. Of the herbal drugs prescribed zistan and shed. In calcium phosphate stones, limit dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Of diuretics in this case, help extracts of bearberry leaf, blueberry and horsetail.

The main thing to remember with urolithiasis – stones after the removal can be formed again. Therefore, when the propensity to this disease must follow the diet not only during treatment. Prevention of relapse is a Spa treatment.

Advice 2: How to determine the composition of a kidney stone.

Kidney stones are formed in kidney stones as a result of violations of metabolism in the body. The chemical structure of the calculi are protein, salt and mixed. Define their composition is possible by direct and indirect methods.
How to determine the composition of a kidney stone.
View the results of urine tests conducted in recent years. At presence in them of large amounts of salt can make an assumption about the structure of the salt stones, and the indication of protein, leukocytes, erythrocytes and bacteria on protein. The fact that the formation of the stone is necessary-which may be a reflection of red blood cells or crystal uric salts. Further - superimposed similar substances, gradually forming the stone. In the formation of mixed stones involved and salts, and albuminous substances.
Pay attention to your diet. If you eat large amounts of meat, vegetables or dairy products, but drinking little water, the stones are likely to have a saline origin. Moreover, by referring to the most frequent food can make a conclusion about the exact chemical compositionof concrements. Meat lovers are often found, urate stones; dairy products – phosphate; vegetables, fruits, coffee and chocolate oxalate. This is due to what is called a food when entering the body turns into a number of substances, among which are oxalic, uric and phosphoric acid. If they are in the body in excess, there is a violation of water-salt metabolism, which leads to stone formation.
Make a panoramic picture of the pelvic organs or the excretory programma. Salt rocks they will appear as small shadows. Mixed stones will also produce a shadow, but less clear-cut than the stones exclusively salt origin. Protein stones are roentgen, i.e. they are not visible in the pictures, only the excretory programme possible to suspect the existence of stone in the filling defect of the pelvis of the kidney by the contrast.
Instead of x-rays can go by ultrasound. It gives similar results: salt stones clearly reflect the sensor signal is mixed less intense protein have the same echogenicity, and the surrounding tissue, or reflect a little stronger served by the ultrasound signal. Thus, the protein nature of the stones can be judged only in the case when the clinical picture of urolithiasis is accompanied by the negative results of radiological methods of investigation.

Advice 3: How to determine the type of kidney stones

Stones in kidney education, which consist of mineral salts and acids. Their causes are many. Basically, they begin to form when urine becomes concentrated, which causes the crystallization and bonding of the stones from chemical compounds.
How to determine the type of kidney stones
You will need
  • - the study of blood and urine;
  • - CT scan or x-ray;
  • - a special herb.
Ask your doctor about differentVenosta stones. Distinguish calcium education, they are diagnosed more often. Uric acid stones can form if dehydration, eating mostly protein foods, people suffering from gout. Their appearance can cause genetic factors and metabolic disorders. Cystine stones occur less often. This contributes to heredity, kidneys begin to produce a lot of amino acids.
Take the direction to the study of blood and urine. The General analysis will provide information about the excess calcium or uric acid in the blood. It can be used to monitor the status of the urinary system. The study will show how the organism allocates the substances that form stones.
Make an appointment for a CT scan or x-ray. Can agree on research of the stone. Urinate on a special sieve which can catch eye-catching education. During laboratory studies it will become clear what they are. The doctor will analyze the result and give the answer why kidney stones are formed how to treat them, what to do to prevent a relapse.
Look at the results of the surveys. In the presence of cystine stones in the urine has hexagonal crystals, which characterizes the violation of the metabolism. The specialist will prescribe medication, which can be performed on an outpatient basis.
Use the method of dowsing. The formation of stones provoke geopatogene zone, hard water, uric acid - resulting from the consumption of dairy products. As a rule, to stop using such foods and eliminating other negative effects, their growth stops.
Buy in a pharmacy special herbs that promotes the breakdown of stones in the kidneys, do not engage in physical culture, and avoid overloading. So you will be able to eliminate the danger of clogging of ducts and to avoid surgical intervention.
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