You will need
  • - passport with permanent residence;
  • - document on disability.
If you have lost hearing suddenly or want to slukhoprotezirovaniia child, before receiving a free hearing aid it is necessary to apply for disability. Remember that the 3rd group of disability given at the deafness or 3-4 degrees of hearing loss with concomitant diseases and disorders, as well as significant hearing loss since birth.
After receiving disability hearing, contact a medical facility or audiology center for an opinion on the degree of hearing loss or deafness group. The audiologist or hearing healthcare professional will receive a document stating that you require a hearing aid.
Grant in on medical-social examination (MSE) at the place of residence medical certificate. The ITU experts will put you on record and will make the individual program of rehabilitation (IPR) States that you need mono or binaural hearing AIDS.
After receiving the individual program of rehabilitation contact the office of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation in your region. Write an application to receive a free hearing aid.
In regional branch FSS of the Russian Federation to you within two weeks must be given a referral for a free hearing aid. With the obtained direction, contact the nearest firm, which is engaged in the supply of hearing AIDS. If you have the necessary provider model will receive individual sound-amplifying apparatus, in its absence, wait for the next delivery.
In addition to a free hearing aid that you are entitled to receive from the state every 4 years, you as hearing impaired, are entitled to a free repair of the auditory prostheses and fabrication of custom-moulded earplugs. If the hearing AIDS you have purchased at their own expense, deliver the documents to the social insurance Fund to the full monetary compensation.