Please read carefully the functionality of a mobile phone according to the instructions supplied with or on the manufacturer's website. Some models produced a few years ago, do not support the installation of photo call.
Open the main menu of your phone. Go to "Contacts" or "phonebook" and click on it. Select the desired contact from the list and go to its settings. You can also create a new customer. Note the top panel of the extension settings. It must be present an empty frame. If you have a touchscreen phone, click on the empty photo frame, otherwise, select the option in the settings menu, touch "Set photo".
Specify the path to your photo in your phone. You can choose as one of the third-party images downloaded from the Internet or photos taken with the camera. Some models allow you to do photos for installation on contact "on the go". That is, if you are near the person you want to bring in your contact book, just create a new cell reference, a picture of a person and set it photo call.
Select the appropriate size of the image if your phone supports this feature. For example, you can set the photo to full screen, stretch it or put the call on any part. After making all the necessary changes, save the contact settings.
Ask the caller to call you on your phone to see what it looks like. You will see the preset name of the person in the background of his pictures or some other selected image. To make calls even more convenient, you can set the contact specific ringtone that will sound when receiving a call from him.