Advice 1: How to set a ringtone for Philips

All modern mobile phones allow you to set as ringtone your favorite music in mp3 format. You can assign each contact its own ringtone, or assign the group a particular ringtone.
How to set a ringtone for Philips
You will need
  • mobile phone Philips.
Connect the phone to Philips to the computer to put a melody on a call, then copy the selected music file on the memory card, in the existing Audio folder. Pick up the handset, select menu, go to "My files", then locate the copied melodythat you want to put in a call to Philips. Click "Options", select "Use", then specify "On call".
Exit the menu, go back in menu phone. Select "options" then "Profiles". Select the profile in which you want to install mp3 on a call. Then "Options" – "Edit", select "Ringtone". At the bottom of the list locate application installed in the preceding paragraph, the ringtone for a call. Select it with the button "OK", click "Use".
Install a ringtone on a contact call to the Philips phone, copy all contacts from SIM card to phone memory. Open the desired contact, saved in the phone. Select "Options", then "Add" – "Melody call".
In the opened file Manager, select the music file you want and confirm your selection by pressing the "Use" button. Please note that to install a tune on a call of the subscriber, the number is saved on the SIM card, you will not succeed.
Assign a ringtone for calls of subscribers of a particular group, to do this, select the menu "Contacts" item "Advanced" and create a group. Then click on "Functions" – "Information group".
Click "Melody group", select "file Manager". Then you will be redirected to the list of files of your phone from which you need to select the desired music file. Confirm the selection by pressing the command "Use".

Advice 2: How to set a ringtone to the caller

The use of mobile phone should be comfortable and fun. With this aim can, for example, to set ringtones per subscriber, for each call, you've identified the caller. Modern mobile phones have a delicate setting and allow you to easily personalize your contacts.
On modern phones you can set the ringtone to the caller
Make sure your phone allows you to set the ringtone to a caller, as in some models, released over 5 years ago, you can not put the ringer for individual contacts. You can only set a General ringtone for all calls. Read this from the manual of the device or when exploring the settings menu of contacts.
Find the corresponding option in the menu of your phone. To do this, go to "Settings", then select "audio Options". In this submenu you can perform various manipulations with sound: to turn up the volume, plug the vibrating alert, choose warning signs, etc. note the item "ringtone". Click on it, then you will be prompted to select one of the preset tunes or you can set a tone to the subscriber from flash card.
If the memory card is missing any files, but you want to play a specific ringtone, it must first download. Move it in MP3 format from the computer via USB cable or download from the mobile Internet. After that the uploaded file will be available for setting as a call signal. Check whether the alarm sounds, does it loud and clear.
Useful advice
Contact with the caller, the calls from which you want to personalize and ask him to call you back. Check to see if you set the ringtone to a caller, if there is enough loud and clear it sounds. Some phone models also allow you to set certain signals when receiving messages for each contact. It will be useful to configure and tune reminders, for example, on the day of birth of the subscriber.
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