You will need
  • Internet access
Algorithm install ringtones on most Chinese smartphones the same. If your phone already has a large database of tunes, we can only choose and install one of them. Go to main menu IPhone and open the "Contacts" section. In the window that appears go to the option "Melody call for a subscriber".
If your smartphone is missing the desired ringtone, you will first need to go online and download iTunes from official Apple website. After successful installation run the program. In the menu located in the left part of the window that opens, select the "Music"section.
Click the File tab. In the drop-down menu, select the option "Add file to library" then specify your favorite tune. This composition will appear in the main window of the program. Click on it, clicking with the left mouse button, and then open the context menu by pressing the right mouse button, and select "Information".
In the opened window go to the tab "Options". Tick the box next to the words "Start" and "stop Time", then in the corresponding fields specify the start and end time of ringtone (it is not necessary to specify the duration of the melodies more than 40 seconds). Now press the button "OK".
In the main window of the program there will be a stripped down version of your tune. Click the right mouse button and select the context menu option "Create AAC version". After a few seconds the main window will appear on your ringtone format *.м4а. Now you can drag the ringtone to your desktop or another convenient folder.
After the operations connect your iPhone to the computer and import via iTunes selected the ringtone in the folder "Ringtones" your phone. Go to menu "Settings" of the smartphone, select "Sounds" and under "Ringtone". Look you have created your sound file and select it. Now the ringtone will be standing on your incoming calls.