You will need
  • - program for working with photos on your phone PhotoZoom Pro;
  • program Best Full Screen Caller;
  • program Really.
Download and install to your phone utility PhotoZoom Pro. This program can enlarge photos without losing quality, as special technology scaling S–Spline used by the developers in this program are based on adaptive methods. You can call your subscriber by clicking on the contact picture. Today, in many phones this feature is already implemented by the manufacturer.

Download and install Best Full Screen Caller With this program you print the photo caller in full screen. The photo can be replaced with a picture that will remind you of who you called at the moment. In Full Screen Caller are two modes: demonstration of full-screen photos and display all the information about the person who is calling you. These modes are configured according to your wishes. To do this, open the program settings and check the box next to the desired functionality.
Download and install FaceCall 1.61. In it you can put the contacts directly on the desktop of the mobile phone to speed dial the user. Also you can set any number of contacts on springboard, to create an icon from a picture, increase the speed of the call to the correct subscriber, to create an icon directly in springboard. After the call, the caller returns to springborg, to the place where you put it.