To change the ringing sound on the phone call, refer to the list of "native" tunes that at the time of purchase the mobile was already in him. To do this, use menu. Locate the folder that stores audio and video files, photographs and other images, may games, themes for display, etc. depending on model of phone, this folder may be named differently, e.g. "Media" or "file Manager". Press Select or OK. Open the folder with the audio files and listen to its contents by pressing Play.
The melody you set by pressing the "Function". Using the melody as the ringtone for all incoming, signal quality alarm or a new message, and maybe put on a call to a specific subscriber - you decide. To adjust the ringer volume, put the vibrate or disable the sound in the folder "Settings" in the General menu.
To change the sound of the call to another ringtone, download to your computer. To transfer the audio file to mobile, use a cord with a USB outlet. As a rule, the latter is sold together with the phone. The computer will detect a new device – my memory stick (it is called the manufacturer's phone), and you will need to copy the files from the PC to the USB in the folder "Sounds" (Audio etc.) then set your favorite tune on a callfollowing the previous steps.
New sounds can be on the phone and another via Bluetooth, infrared port, when transferring files from one phone to another), recordings, or any other method depending on the capabilities of your phone, as well as from the presence of access to the Internet. Some of these features may be in speed dial (keys up, down, left, right) in the form of relevant icons. Learn about what "can" your phone from attached instructions.